Park Grand’s Top Tips for Nervous Flyers


Millions of people use planes to get around the world every day to visit loved ones, go on holiday and meet business associates. Flying has become a huge part of the tourist and travel industry but there are many of us who really don’t enjoy flying. It’s perfectly rational to have a fear of flying but it shouldn’t restrict you from seeing the world. If you’re one of the many people who don’t like to travel on an aeroplane, then hopefully these tips and tricks will help you get over your fear.

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The stress caused by your anxiety will escalate the problem further and make you even more scared. It’s important to relax before your flight in order to keep your stress levels down. Think about things that help you unwind and try doing them before your flight. Even before you leave for the airport you should try and keep a relaxed state of mind. Make sure you’ve packed everything in advance so it’s all ready to go and you don’t have to worry about forgetting anything.

Music, TV and films are a good way to take your mind off your anxiety and help settle any last minute nerves. Load your phone or tablet up with your favourite songs and movies so you can focus on that while you’re on the plane. There are also helpful meditation apps that will help clear your mind and slip into a more relaxed state. You can also rest assured that the warm, luxurious atmosphere at our Park Grand London Paddington will help you relax after your journey.


A good way to help your mind escape from the fear of flying is to close your window shutter so you can’t see the scenery outside. You can almost trick your mind into forgetting that you’re on a plane if you focus on other things and reduce what you can see outside.

Food and drink

Food & Drink

Monitoring the type of food and drink you have before your flight can help to keep your stress levels and anxiety down. If you know that you’re prone to panicking on an aeroplane then make sure you stay away from drinks with high amounts of sugar or caffeine. Keep away from coffee and energy drinks on the days leading up to your flight too; this will help you maintain a relaxed heart rate when you’re trying to stay calm on the plane. Don’t worry though because you can get your fill of delicious food and drink at our luxury Kensington Hotel London.


A lot of therapists say that the best way to conquer your fear is to face it head on by exposing yourself to it and gradually becoming desensitised. If you have a really deep fear of flying then there are a number of specialist therapy programmes that can help you deal with your anxiety. Look for therapies such as hypnosis or exposure therapy that use exercises designed to help you overcome your fear.


If you’re not awake then you can’t be scared, it’s a simple idea but it can be a very effective way to get through your flight. It’s much better to try and conquer your fear but there’s nothing wrong with taking a nap if you really can’t handle the anxiety. If you have trouble sleeping try using natural sleeping aids to help you drift off.