It has recently been announced that Paddington Basin will be undergoing an intensive period of regeneration in the coming months, with a focus on turning the area into a modern food and lifestyle destination. Until now, Paddington Basin has been a place of work and residence but these exciting new developments will place a larger focus on turning the area into an enjoyable leisure space for residents and visitors.

Paddington Basin Regeneration Plans

Paddington Basin

A key part of the Paddington Basin regeneration plan is to encourage people to use the Basimn for water-based activities such as boating and water taxis, as well as providing somewhere for locals and visitors to dine. The aim is to bring more footfall to the vicinity and make better use of what is available on the water – the area is one of the lesser used neighborhoods in London despite its central location and vast space. In fact, Paddington Basin is close to a number of London Underground stations, the Hotel Park Grand Paddington and several other 4 star hotels in London.

One of the biggest additions to be welcomed as part of the regeneration project is GoBoat. GoBoat is a Copenhagen-based Danish boat hire company and Paddington Basin is the very first place the boats will be seen in the whole of the United Kingdom. Visitors will be able to hire out the boats to explore Paddington, Camden and Little Venice without the need to book onto a large tour company. Those hiring the boats are free to take them out themselves with no official guide or route and it is thought that they will become an increasingly popular activity for groups of friends and for families spending a few days in the capital. The boats are all built using sustainable materials and are powered using modern electric engines, meaning they do not negatively impact the local and global environment. Each boat can hold up to eight people and can reach speeds of up to four miles per hour.

As well as the fun activities on the water, there will also be an emphasis on providing information to visitors. An information boat will be moored for those who require help, advice or further information on Paddington Basin and the local area and facilities. For those who want to relax after time spent on the water or for those who head to Paddington Basin for an evening out, there will be a variety of unique dining experiences opening soon. Australian company Beany Green for example will run a floating cafe on the river serving coffee, brunch, cocktails and food.

Thanks to the great number of 4 star hotels in London located in and around Paddington, it has long been a popular place to stay in the capital city. There is no doubt the Paddington Basin regeneration project will give visitors and locals alike an even bigger choice of things to do and places to go in the neighborhood – which can only be a good thing!