Our pick of things to do around London Bridge


A short tube ride or walk along the river Thames from the iconic Park Grand London hotels and other central hotels, London Bridge is a staple feature on the London skyline – combining history with great viewpoints, some of the most popular tourist attractions, and of course a plethora of great places to experience local London cuisine.

As any guest of the Park Grand accommodation will be able to confirm, the diversity of food and different dishes is an area in which London excels – with this article dedicated to the things to do, and the places to eat, around London Bridge. So, no matter where you’re staying, from London airport accommodation to somewhere more central like the Kensington Hotel London, this article is here to help you plan your big day out in the city.

Where is London Bridge?

London Bridge is located next to Tower Bridge, which is an icon of its own and which separates the Tower of London to the North from the Southbank and its selection of attractions and things to see.

A straight bridge with stone arches on its underside, which carries both traffic and pedestrians across the river, London Bridge may not be much to look at from the outset, but its position and prominence makes it one of the most used bridges in the whole of London.

Places to eat around London Bridge

For those who know or spend much time around the river Thames, all of the bridges separate the North and South banks of London – and represent their very own North-South divide in terms of experiences and things to see and do. The Southbank of London is representative of tourist attractions and is home to the London Eye, Shakespeare’s Globe, and other sites – while the North bank leads up towards the centre of London, Covent Garden, the Royal Parks, and the grand architecture of buildings like Buckingham Palace and the Tower of London.

As such, the immediate area around London Bridge is rife with eateries and restaurants which serve the hordes of tourists and commuting locals moving across the city. You will find chain restaurants and coffee shops interspersed with independent and boutique restaurants and even the odd pub – The Swan at the Globe being one of the best.

Another dining option near London Bridge is Borough Market – an inside market space which is open for all meal times, and which allows every member of your travel group to eat something different if you wish. Ingredients delicacies are combined with ready to eat meals and plenty of tasters, meaning there will be something to suit every tastebud.

And then of course there is the surrounding hotels and restaurants, many of which will serve their take on the British classic: afternoon tea. From sparkling treats to fusion flavours and all the themes you could imagine, London Bridge is a central spot from which to find the afternoon tea to suit your preferences and to bring your day in the city to life.

Things to do around London Bridge

With all that said, why should London Bridge be considered the focal point of your day trip in London?

  1. Open top bus tours. The bus tours across and around London often carry tourists over the London Bridge, with different packages and options ranging from hour-long tours to half day tours, afternoon tea tours, and more. These bus tours are a good way of seeing as much of the city as possible, giving your feet a break while still keeping you above ground and able to see the city as it passes by.
  2. London Eye. One of the top attractions in London and for good reason, the London Eye is basically a massive Ferris wheel which travels slowly around its route and gives visitors a chance to see the skyline of London from different angles and perspectives. Hospitality pods offer drinks for the ride, or you can simply sit and enjoy the view.
  3. The Shard. This ornate and impressive structure houses restaurants, offices, and the Shangri-La hotel – as well as one of the best views across the entire city. An elevator will carry you up to the 72nd floor from which you can enjoy the view – although it is worth being aware that this can be a pricey experience.
  4. The Sky Garden. A free alternative to The Shard’s top floor view – and one which is just a short tube ride or walk away, to the North of the river Thames. The Sky Garden must be booked in advance, but it is completely free to visit and offers 360 views across the city and beyond from its inside space or outdoor terrace.
  5. Tower Bridge. We have mentioned this structure a few times in this article already, however it – and its neighbouring Tower of London – are certainly worth mentioning again as coveted and popular spots to visit. Perfect for history lovers and those wanting to learn a little about London back in the days before it became a hotspot for tourists.
  6. Shakespeare’s Globe. Whether you visit to see a show or to look around the museum and the site as a whole, it is eye-opening to see Shakespeare’s own theatre in the flesh. And with themed afternoon tea available based on the poet’s own plays and stories just next door at the Swan pub, this is a full-day experience all on its own.

Located as it is in the very centre of the city, London Bridge doesn’t just connect the north bank to the south bank of London. It unites some of the best attractions and destinations in and around the city and provides tourists from around the world with somewhere to head for whenever they need a focal or meeting point in the city.

Most of these attractions can be accessed on the day, with your concierge or hotel reception staff able to advise about pre-booked tickets where required.