Man vs Food Hot Wing Challenge @ The Elk Bar


London surprises people with its various activities. Whether you are an art lover or a food lover, the city makes sure that your visit incredible. If you are foodie, then the city’s restaurant will surprise you with its extensive menu. One such experience can be lived at The Elk’s Bar at the Fulham. The restaurant beckons all the fiery fan of delicious food and gives them a challenge to fulfil. It challenges the foodie to try and handle the spicy a naga chilli or more. This is food challenge to all those who want to test their mettle. The Man vs Food challenge at the Elk’s gives you an opportunity to check your limit to sample the spicy food.

The challenge involves eating 30 wings covered in hot sauce, red cabbage coleslaw, fries & blue cheese sauce and three shots of chilli infused El Jimador Tequila. You can challenge your friends or just do it for yourself. If you are going to this meal, then here is the deal. You will have to pay £29 and get a free T-shirt, if you complete the sizzling hot wings. After eating the snack, you will either need waters or will enact the scene from the movie “The Exorcist.”

So, bite by bite you will understand that it is not just a fun challenge but a spicy challenge that will lose your senses.

So, if you think you can dare to take this Man vs Food Hot Wing challenge, you must definitely visit the Elk Bar. For more info visit @ Park Grand London Hotel.