Making The Most Out Of London


London is a city humming with life at every corner; everywhere you turn, there’s a sight to see, an attraction to enjoy and a museum to explore. With all this choice, it can be a hard task narrowing down your trip itinerary. So here’s a guide to some of the best and most-loved things to do in London.


Look around London, and you’re met with buildings and monuments that give this city its fusion of the cosmopolitan and the historical. To view London in all its majesty, take a trip on the London Eye. This gargantuan Ferris wheel, which is situated on the South Bank, allows you to get lost in breathtaking views of the London cityscape.

South Bank
For those who like to stay a little closer to the ground, make sure you head to Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament.

Westminster Abbey is a site of architectural splendour and welcomes over a million visitors every year. This 700 year old building is well worth a visit and definitely a must-see.

St Pauls Cathedral is another iconic site that will really take your breath away, with its famous dome and tremendous interior; there is so much history and architecture to learn about during this visit.

No trip to London would be complete without a visit the home of Her Majesty, The Queen, Buckingham Palace.


London has a stellar international reputation for its world-class museums, which are ideal for those family days out. A trip to The Natural History Museum will see you get up close and personal with a T-Rex and have you delving into the roots of prehistoric life like a real archaeologist! The Science Museum is a fun, interactive experience for any of those budding scientists out there. The Victoria and Albert Museum is filled to the brim with history, containing a vast array of artefacts from around the world; it’s a maze of knowledge and history, all condensed into one beautiful museum.

The Natural History Museum


London keeps its finger on the pulse of the cultural beat and you can see that in the variety of galleries on offer. The National Gallery had one of the finest painting collections in the world, so if you’d like to visit some classic masterpieces, a trip to this gallery is definitely for you. Get up close to the faces of the past and present at The National Portrait Gallery, or if your taste in art is more modern, take a trip to the Tate Modern or the Saatchi Gallery, to see what London’s contemporary art scene has to offer.

national gallery


London offers many attractions that are especially good for a kid’s day out. Get spooky in the London Dungeon and walk through the dark past of London’s history. Once you’ve emerged from London’s creepiest dungeon, cheer yourself up with the animals, at the London Zoo. London also offers a variety of tours such as, a selection of sightseeing tours, a tour of Buckingham Palace, a chilling Jack the Ripper Tour and probably one of the most popular destinations of the moment, Warner Brothers Studio Tour London – The Making of Harry Potter.

For entertainment, take a trip to The West End, where you’ll find London’s theatrical hub. For any Shakespeare lovers, a trip to The Globe Theatre is just what you need, where you can go and watch one of the famous plays, or simply just visit the theatre. If you’d like to view London from a more modern perspective, book A View from The Shard, where you’ll be taken up the UK’s largest building and treated to a breathtaking view of the city.