Make Your Trip To London And Feel The Royal Touch


Everyone has a dream to visit a palace and experience its beauty and royalty. But, if you get a chance to buy that glory and take it home then, will you miss it? Nobody will miss this opportunity and will move ahead to get such chance.

Well, if you are planning your trip to London then, Kensington is the best place to make your stay for a couple of days. London is already very popular for the ancient stories of kings and queens and their glorious and superior lifestyle. If you also want to experience that glory and high class lifestyle then, why not shop at the famous palaces in Kensington which are overloaded with antiques, jewels and things you will love to have.

Visit the palaces

While making your trip to Kensington, you must have included many palaces in your visit. So, if you do not know about the official shopping stores present here then, you might be making a big mistake. In Kensington, you will get a huge develop market to make a unique shopping list and get some historical antiques added to the list. You must plan your visit as pe the number of palaces and the types of shops you can shop at. However, this is not possible without knowing about the options you have in Kensington.

Start your shopping journey with the Hampton Court Palace which is an appropriate place to experience the glory of George I. This year, you can experience an added advantage of the 300th anniversary of this palace. All the market will be decorated at its best and you will feel the difference. You will have lots of antiques to shop here like the gold line tea set or the CDs which tell the entire story of the throne. To know in detail about the Georgians, you can buy the guide. Every item ranging from a clock to a plate reflects the design and culture of that time.

If you are a fashion addict and are inspired by Princess Margaret and Diana then, you will love to visit the Kensington palace. The modern royal fashion can be seen at this market. You can buy and wear the royal antique collection which will embrace your personality and will provide you the confidence of a princess.

Crowns have always been the symbol or respect and authority of a king and queen in the ancient times. Even today, people are crazy about this and they wish to have a crown with royal look. You can get the crown guidebooks for your personal collection and know about their importance in the ancient times. You will get many other interesting items lie coin bag or purse to add to your style.

The Historic Royal Palaces were known for their highly disciplined dining rules which were completed with original China tea sets and other dining items. No matter how expensive they are, but they undoubtedly added to the royalty and beauty of the palace. If you also want to add that picture to your house or dining room then, you can make your shopping here. This kind of antiques can be found nowhere else. There are many other items with historic touch for you.

Jewelry is something which is all time favorite. You cannot just pass by a jewelry store without taking a glance. What about historic and original jewelry pieces? At one of the Kensington palace, you will get an amazing collection of jewelry pieces which will make you feel more beautiful. The lockets with historic designs, the bracelets with amazing messages and many more things are waiting for you. All the items are inspired by the rich heritage of the palace.

If you are a history lover then, you will never like to miss the royal opportunity of buying the antique collection of armors. Not many people have interest in this but, those who have will pay anything to buy such items. You can at least take a visit in this market because it is really amazing having a glimpse of the suits the royal fighters used to wear in their wars.
There are lot many things which are inspired by Queen Victoria and the palace which can be yours too. There are many books which are written on the story of how these royal family members actually lived their lives. You will love to read them and buy things on which the images of Queen Victoria are been imprinted.

The Hampton Court Palace is known for its tock for information. One can discover new things in London and explore new places to visit in Kensington. There are many other interesting things at the store like coffee mugs, bookmarks, greeting cards, etc. all inspired with the palace. The Tower of London does not needs any introduction and most of the visitors come here to visit it. You can know about it in the books available.

Accommodation for you

When it comes about accommodation, you cannot compromise with your comfort and budget. There are number of accommodation options in Kensington. You can get a suitable Hotel near Kensington place with delightful services. This is not a tough job to do as you can make advance bookings online and can get the best out of them. You can plan your visit accordingly and can book the tickets in advance even for the palace shopping. If you will plan everything in advance then, you will never face any problem in your trip. To get the best services, you need to select the best hotel in town which can provide you booking services too.

If you are visiting Kensington for the first time then, you need a guide for it. Even your hotel can also be your guide if it believes in making their customers feels delighted. So, look in detail for a good hotel for your accommodation so that you can enjoy your holidays to the best. All the best for your search and enjoy your trip.