London’s Top 7 Markets


London excels in many areas, with world class museums and galleries, incredible music, some of the world’s best theatre, internationally renowned architecture and an incredible shopping scene; so it should come as no surprise that London’s markets are top notch too. Make the most of your time in The Grand Paddington Hotel and visit as many markets as you can! 

If you’re staying in a Kensington Hotel London and you’re a foodie then you are in a great position- there are many markets that celebrate food, from fresh and local produce to delectable international cuisine. And if you fancy some antique shopping, or some vintage clothing markets, London has you covered. Maybe you fancy perusing artisanal jewellery, or gifts and trinkets made by local artists, then guess what? London has that too. There are a multitude of markets spread all across the city, operating on different days of the week and offering all kinds of wonderful goods; so how do you go about choosing the right market for you? Well this list includes 7 of the best markets London has on offer, so hopefully your choice will be made a little easier! 

Borough Market

Borough MarketLondon’s Borough Market is one of the oldest and largest in the entire city. In fact there has been a market on the grounds since at least 1014 BCE, and it is presumed to date back even further into the city’s history. It is a gourmand’s paradise- offering an incredible selection of foods from well over 100 stalls and vendors. You can grab street food, visit one of the bakeries, shop for specialist ingredients or simply do your groceries in style. Make sure you go with an empty stomach, because you will want to try everything.   

Covent Garden

You have probably already heard of Covent Garden, thanks to its iconic status as one of London’s must visit places- and it really is a must visit. Somewhat more high-end than the other markets on this list, you can still find all the trinkets and handcrafted masterpieces you would expect in a market. You can go from perusing the goods in Gucci to a potter’s workshop in about 10 steps! Along with the incredible food found in the Piazza and the architectural wonder of the building itself, you won’t be disappointed. If you have booked the best executive stay Heathrow has to offer at the Park Grand, then all you have to do is hop on the Piccadilly Line and hop off at Covent Garden Station. Too easy!  

Greenwich Market

Greenwich MarketGreenwich Market is a true delight. Collections of vintage goods, amazing food and local artisans all join together to form a magical little experience. Held in the market building since the early 1700s, the steel supports provide cover creating an atmosphere unlike many others in the city. With around 50 stalls it’s not the largest, but you can find some wonderfully crafted items here. From hand made leather bags and old vinyl records, to gorgeous jewellery and intricate laser cuttings- it’s safe to say you’ll leave here with some amazing gifts for friends and family.     

Mercato Metropolitano

Housed inside an old paper factory is one the best food hot spots in the city. Mercato Metropolitano first opened its doors in 2016 and has since gone from strength to strength. With  a huge focus on community and sustainability the market offers over 40 truly incredible food stands. And when I say incredible, I mean it. This is one of the best places in the city to get authentic, delicious, sustainably created food. From Himalayan dumplings and traditional Uzbek food, to Neapolitan pizzas and Argentinian grills, whatever you feel like eating, you’ll find here. And it will be amazing. Did I say that already? 

Camden Markets 

Technically a collection of smaller markets connected by the legendary shops in Camden town, you can choose between over 1,000 shops and stalls. The streets of Camden have a decidedly market vibe anyway, thanks to all the locally owned and slightly ‘out there’ shops. You’ll be able to find vintage clothing, antiques, locally crafted goods and plenty of punk clothing shops. You’ll also find great coffee and food, and the walk along the streets and canal is pretty damn charming. You may well need more than a few hours to visit this one! It’s a real gem.   

Columbia Road Flower Market

Columbia Road Flower MarketThis is one of London’s most iconic and beautiful markets. Once a week on a Sunday the entire street shuts down, the cars clear out and are replaced by an incredible symphony of colour and scent. There is pretty much every flower you could ever need to make your garden gorgeous, and the market itself is more old fashioned than the others on this list. The stall holders are often open to bartering on price, and stock is reduced to sell at the end of the day. Whatsmore, Columbia Road is a great street for food and coffee, so once you’ve picked your perfect bulbs, lunch is sorted.    

Old Spitalfields Market 

The finest remaining Victorian market hall in London plays host to one of the best all round markets within the city. An incredible and beautiful selection of artisans and entrepreneurs. You can shop for home furnishings, ornaments, map makers, plants, shoes, bikes, botanicals, clothes, perfumes and much more. It is truly an eclectic mix. They also have an incredible choice of foods from local chefs and restaurants, and you would be a fool not to get a coffee from one of the coffee stalls. All housed under one gigantic roof, this incredible place really feels like a market should; alive! 

So there we have 7 of the best markets in London. If you’re in the mood for food, or simply looking for some chic vintage clothing- London is the place to be. From your conveniently located hotels near Lancaster Gate Tube Station, you’ll be in a pretty great position to reach all of these markets, so the stress of travel should dissipate pretty quickly as you peek into the glorious stalls all over the city.