London Tourist Attractions


London is one of the more historic differentiated towns of the world with its contribution to heritage, the arts, music, architecture, and nearly every facet of academic and up to date living. There are furthermore numerous tourist locations in London, attracting thousands of travellers each year. Here are a couple of those London tourist attractions that are a “must see” for visitors.

King George III bought Buckingham Palace for his wife, Charlotte, in 1761. Since then, the castle has undergone several renovations and has become host to numerous royals making it the most popular tourist location in London. Today, Buckingham Palace serves as the main focal point of the Monarchy where it conducts its day to day business. It has elegant state rooms which are open for public at certain times. Buckingham Palace is furthermore renowned for the Changing of the Guard.

One of the most well known London tourist enticements is Big Ben. This landmark is more than 300 feet high and has four timepiece faces which assess more than twenty feet square. The minute hand of the clock is about fourteen feet long. On record, it is the world’s large-scale four faced clock which delivers chimes.

The Tower of London is established on the north bank of the stream Thames. When most persons think of the Tower, they recognise with the White Tower constructed in 1078, where the princes were held as prisoners. It has served as a place of execution, an armoury, a library, a zoo and the Royal Mint. There is a legend that if the resident ravens were ever to leave the Tower of London, the White Tower, the monarchy, and the whole kingdom would drop.