London in 24 hours

london view

For travellers that just have a day to spend in London either in transit or on a business trip with a day for sightseeing, it may not be adequate enough time, however, they can still accomplish quite a bit!

Those looking to have a comfortable stay at any of the luxury hotels in London will find the Park Grand chain of hotels a good choice.

Food lovers will also enjoy the best of fine dining at any of the super Park Grand hotel restaurants across the city. Ideally, you could start off your sojourn of London’s sites anywhere between 9-10 am on a weekday or between 10-11am on the weekend.

The best place to begin would be at the historic Tower of London. The tower was a hotbed of Machiavellian machinations and intrigues interspersed with executions, imprisonments and betrayals that would put the Game of Thrones (TV show) to shame. Every single corner of the tower is of historical significance. Spend at least two hours and join a guided tour conducted by the Beefeaters of the tower. After finishing the tours it would be well worth your while to pop over to the Tower Bridge nearby.

Get across the Tower Bridge and you will arrive at the popular South Bank area which derives its nomenclature from its location along the south bank of the Thames. A pedestrianized section along the route there are other attractions like London City Hall and the HMS Belfast. A quick tour of the HMS Belfast a military museum is recommended. Along the route, there is the replicated Globe Theatre, The Shard and the famous Millennium Bridge which leads to St Paul’s Cathedral and the Tate Modern art gallery. Grab a quick bite at Borough Market suited behind London Bridge. Get around the corner and the Houses of Parliament will pop into view with the London Eye soaring majestically above in the city skyline.

tower bridge

Go for a spin in the London Eye and enjoy a breathtaking aerial view of the surrounding landmarks. You could choose to take a stroll to the Houses of Parliament or alternatively enjoy a boat ride from London Bridge pier or the Tower Pier to Westminster Pier. The Houses of Parliament is where the government carries out its day-to-day functions. There are tours on certain days but it needs to be well planned in advance. If you do plan a visit on the inside instead head over to Westminster Abbey behind the Houses of Parliament. The venue has served as the coronation site for most of Britain’s monarchs, hosted 16 royal marriages, memorial services and also is where come of the most famous named in British society lied buried.

From there head off to enjoy a tour (open in the summer months only) of Buckingham Palace, the Queen’s official residence. If the palace is not open for tours watching the Changing of the Guard ceremony is a worthwhile experience as well. A quick stroll along the Mall will lead to St James’s Park with Trafalgar Square further ahead. Other options to visit nearby include the National Gallery and the British Museum.

Travel back in the direction of Westminster Abbey in the direction of Whitehall where the government offices are located. Along the way catch a glimpse of 10 Downing Street, the Cenotaph, and the Horse Guards.  Wind up with a theatre show at Covent Garden followed by dinner at any of the fancy restaurants in the area.