London City Breaks – Guide & Tips


London is one of the most diverse and bustling cities in the world – so it’s no wonder that millions of tourists travel to the city each year.  Whatever your interests, London will be sure to have something to capture your interest and draw you in.

Why Visit?

From the historical to the modern, London has captured the hearts and minds of its visitors for centuries; it’s the reason why it is one of the most culturally diverse cities in the world.  People came, they loved it, and they stayed.  It is a hub of culture, business, cuisine, history and so much more.  The real question is why not visit?

When to Visit?

London is a city which always remains open; there is no summer exodus such as you find in some European cities like Paris.  The quietest times to visit are January to late March, the busiest is July to August during the school holidays and in the run up to Christmas.  That said, London is a fantastic place to visit and whatever month you plan on travelling to it, there is bound to be something happening.

How to Get There?

You can access London by air, rail, or sea.  If you fly in, there are a number of major airports which offer direct links to the city.  You can also catch the Eurostar train which will take you right into the heart of the city centre.

Where to Stay?

London has a large number of hotels which cater for all budgets and expectations.  With the ease of getting around the city via the tube system there is really no right or wrong place to stay.  As with all major cities, some areas of London are better than others but a quick internet search should help you to whittle down which hotels would suit your needs and budget best.

What to See?

This is really up to you!  London has a large number of popular tourist attractions, art galleries and museums, iconic landmarks and so on.  If you are coming to London for a short break, plan a loose itinerary so you can be sure to fit in as much as possible.