Kensington Gardens and Palace in Winter


Kensington Gardens, one of the Royal Parks, has formal avenues of magnificent trees and ornamental flower beds and it covers 275 acres of land. The most stunning features of the gardens are the majestic Kensington Palace, the beautiful Italian Gardens, Peter Pan statue, the imposing Albert Memorial and the Serpentine Gallery. The gardens are full of mature trees, grasslands and different types of wildlife. It is also home to two playgrounds that include Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Playground near Black Lion Gate. It also offers the Broadwalk Café that opens daily, with refreshment kiosks in summer. The best time to visit the gardens is the summer when the whole atmosphere is charged with the freshness of flowers and the exquisite surroundings.

However, even in winters, the gardens and the palace offer a serenity, beauty and electrifying environment laced with snow toppings on the grounds and elsewhere. The trees are bereft of their leaves and stand out magnificently as if reigning supreme. People staying in a hotel near Kensington Gardens can reach it easily and enjoy the cold weather. A welcome relief is provided by the Kensington Palace that is open to the public on certain days and even offers a guided tour to see the various nuances of royal living. The most famous attraction in Kensington Gardens is without doubt Kensington Palace, the former home of Princess Diana and the birthplace of Queen Victoria. You can visit parts of the palace, including the Queen’s apartments and the Royal Ceremonial Dress Collection. In front of the east side of the palace is a marble statue of a young Queen Victoria.

Winter is the time when it becomes easy to stay in a hotel near Kensington Gardens because of the discounts and deals that the hotels offer to attract customers. The usual tourist rush is at low ebb and visiting the Kensington Gardens and Palace in winter becomes a pleasurable experience. The palace stands majestically in the snow clad gardens and beckons visitors to see how the royalty lives. The Albert Memorial monument and the statue of Peter Pan also present wonderful scenes of grandeur wrapped in snow. The roads of the gardens seem to be a vast sheet of snow leading up to the palace and the other attractions of the place, winding their way through a tree-lined route.

Visitors to London, who usually plan to come to the city in the summer, should also make a trip in the winter when festivities are at a peak and the Christmas season offers attractive discounts in a hotel near Kensington Gardens.`