Hey Shopaholic! A Guide to All the Places You Must Visit

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There are few cities in the world which offer the diversity of great shopping experiences as London. One of the best things about shopping here is the sheer variety of outlets, products and neighbourhoods.

With good reason, the UK capital has become infamous for its eclectic, thriving fashion scene – which encompasses everything from a busy high street to top fashions from around the globe. Even if you aren’t an avid shopaholic, it is hard not to be drawn into the experience…and for devoted shoppers, it really doesn’t get much better than this!

Best shopping in London for clothes

London clothes shopping is indeed world renowned, but you’re probably wondering where all the great shops are? The truth is, they’re almost equally distributed across the city. You can easily turn around a seemingly unimportant corner and find yourself confronted with your new favourite shop.

Our favourite spaces to explore include the following:

Oxford Street

Famous around the globe, Oxford Street is also a favourite with London shoppers. Here you’ll find luxury labels mingling alongside high street favourites – as well as a few mid-price offerings for good measure.

There’re also some top department stores to be found here. Some of our favourite shops in Oxford Street (specifically for buying clothes) include Polish label Reserved, which is the ideal mid-price offering sure to please everyone.

The clothes are on-trend but sure to never make you look or feel like a fashion victim – with clean lines and appealing colour schemes. This would be a great place to spend some time while staying at the Park Grand London Paddington Hotel.

Carnaby Street

Secondly we would recommend a trip to Carnaby Street. Whilst it isn’t as well known as Oxford Street, it is certainly very well known to Londoners! A vibrant and colourful district, here you’ll find some of the top brands from around the world – as well as plenty of independent boutiques – ideal for anyone who wants to buy something truly original.

Some of our favourite stores located on Carnaby Street include brands such as Barbour, Adidas and Birkenstock.

Bond Street

Bond Street is synonymous with the luxury end of the market. If you are a devoted fashion fan who doesn’t mind splashing some serious cash, then this is probably the ideal place for you.

It isn’t just fashion which draws people to Bond Street, however. It’s the experience. This is also likely to appeal to self-confessed shopaholics, who want to enjoy all the perks luxury shopping tends to bring.

These perks include being treated like a star at the likes of Prada and Miu Miu. If you want to sample luxury shopping at its best, then this is your new home from home.

King’s Road

The King’s Road is another of London’s more luxurious shopping spots – but unlike the classic fashions you’ll find at Bond Street, the King’s Road provides a window on an altogether more offbeat and on-trend way of shopping.

This street has been a major fashion spot for at least three decades. It is currently home to some of the best labels London has to offer, amongst them the always appealing clothing store Anthropologie.

It is also home to a vast Nike store which offers a range of bespoke services, all designed to help you look and feel your very best while wearing Nike clothing.

Cheap clothes shopping in London

There are many ways to ensure you still enjoy a great shopping trip in the city, without feeling like you’ve blown your budget. With a little careful planning (and perhaps the help of the Tube) you’ll be able to get around to some of these fantastic shopping spots!

We particularly recommend a trip to Oxford Street, thanks to its wide selection of high street stores. There really is something for everyone here – and if you can’t find something you like (and can afford) then it’ll be a big surprise! Some of the brands on offer are entirely discount brands (such as Primark) but others (like New Look) are an affordable way of wearing the latest and greatest trends.

In addition, there are more than 300 different shops on this street, as well as some top department stores. Not all of them are at the cheapest end of the market, but they are normally designed with affordability in mind.

Alternatively, you can head for some of the more luxurious shopping streets in London during times when they are holding sales. This may not net you a deal which is as inexpensive as you’ll find at a traditional high street store, but it all comes down to how you define cheap shopping.

Areas such as Bond Street and the Kings Road are famous for their luxury finds, but during the January sales you could easily pick something up which is luxurious yet affordable. If you opt for this route, we recommend that you celebrate your latest bout of retail therapy with a celebratory meal at Park Grand Restaurants.

Key locations where both affordability and style meet include Covent Garden and Carnaby Street. The former has a quirky appeal which has attracted brands like Polo Ralph Lauren – but if you’re willing to browse through the sale racks, you’ll find lots to keep you occupied.

Meanwhile, Carnaby Street has been interlinked with the fashion scene for decades. It first became popular with Londoners during the Swinging Sixties, and continued to delight visitors through the Punk-style movement and beyond.

Luxury brands cheaper in London

Not all clothes shopping is cheaper in the UK, but there are some brands there the Brits have a significant advantage. Sometimes this is simply a European concern – certain brands are a little more inexpensive in the EU and the UK, for example. However, in other cases these brands have a particular appeal to the British market.

Here are a few of the brands you can pick up much more cheaply in London while staying at the Park Grand London Paddington Hotel.

Burberry is a fine example. This home-grown brand has had a tumultuous few decades. First it was trendy, then it became a little too popular – and now it’s been redeveloped and reimagined as a spectacularly chic label which is in the mid-price range for a designer brand.

Aside from the world-famous Burberry check print, the label has a lot more to offer fans of great clothing. Scarves and coats are particularly popular – and you’ll be able to get both at a discount price while staying in London.

Asprey is another brand you’ll be able to grab cheaper in London than anywhere else. Another favourite for bargain hunters is Paul Smith.

Cheapest shopping market in London

London offers a vast array of incredible shopping markets. Whether you want to kill some time before enjoying a Park Grand Paddington Court Afternoon Tea or are simply eager to enjoy some budget shopping at its best, these markets have it all!

  • Old Spitalfields Market

This market sells a little bit of everything. You’ll find plenty of clothing here, but you’ll also find lifestyle stalls and even food. The market was built in 1876 and remains the last truly ‘Victorian’ market that London has to offer. It is located between the popular shopping spots of Brick Lane and Bishopsgate, and is sure to open your eyes to a new world of fantastic shopping!

  • Greenwich Market

This market is another of London’s most popular shopping spots – and it won’t break the bank, either. Many of the items on offer here have been handmade, and there’s everything from homewares to crafts and accessories to discover.

In addition, the area surrounding the market is every bit as dazzling as the market itself 0 with independent retailers tempting you to purchase something special!

  • Covent Garden Market

Covent Garden has been synonymous with a certain offbeat charm for decades, and this mixed-use market is every bit as dazzling as you might expect. The market is open throughout the year and sells a wide range of fascinating finds, ranging from handmade soaps to children’s clothes, artwork and antiques.

All of these items can be enjoyed at discount prices, so be sure to keep this shopping destination a secret…

Oxford Street shopping

Perhaps the most famous shopping street in London, Oxford Street has a big reputation to live up to. Thankfully, this retail mainstay is more than up to the task!

There are over 300 shops on this street alone, as well as restaurants and cafes where you can take a break and admire your latest bargains. As well as being domestically adored, Oxford Street has earned a global reputation for excellence – with visitors flocking here on their London stay to pick up some fabulous fashions.

Some of our favourite brands include the Gap, Primark and River Island. You’ll also be able to enjoy shopping at a wide range of ever-popular department stores, which offer you much more than just fashion.

These spaces include Selfridges, which offers floor upon floor of luxury. There’s also lots of great finds to be discovered at John Lewis, House of Frazer, Marks & Spencer and Debenhams. For real fashion fans, this is likely to be a major attraction while staying at Park Grand Hotels.

What should I buy in London?

When it comes to your London shopping trip, the options for what to buy are almost limitless. Ultimately, the decision will rest with your personal taste and your budget – but we do recommend you try some of the major shopping districts and streets, and decide which one you like the best.

Popular items for buying in London include the latest fashions – or London street styles which you won’t be able to find anywhere else.

Which is the best shopping street in London?

There are so many different shopping streets in the city, that it can sometimes feel impossible to decide which one is really the best. For budget-conscious shopping, try Oxford Street. There’s plenty of luxury to be found here, but also a wide range of high street brands.

If you’re a dedicated fashion fan, opt for Carnaby Street – synonymous with fashion since the 1960s. If you have money to burn, then head for Bond Street or the King’s Road. Each of these great locations have their own distinct charm, and are all in their own way the ‘best’ shopping street in the city.

What is the best market to visit in London?

Just as it is impossible to pick out the best shopping street, so it is impossible to really decide which is the best market in London. However, depending on what you are looking for, you might find you have a natural preference.

Some of our favourites include Camden Market, famous around the world for its connection to the alternative fashion scene. However, other great locations don’t necessarily have the same heritage. The North London Vintage Market, first founded in 2011, includes a large selection of vintage clothing items.

We also recommend the Sunday Upmarket in Brick Lane – where you’ll always find a warm welcome and oodles of stylish clothing for every stylish London local and visitor to discover.

Which brands are cheaper in London?

Some UK brands are cheaper in the domestic market than they are when you’re buying overseas. Free from the need to ship their clothes and accessories around the world, British retailers can keep their costs down while still helping you look and feel infinitely stylish.

Some of the best examples of this are high street brands such as Dorothy Perkins, Topshop and Warehouse.

What street in London is famous for shopping?

Quite a few streets in London are famous for shopping. However, we suggest that Oxford Street is probably the most infamous of all. Here you will find almost everything you could ever want from a retail perspective – dotted between shops where you can stop and grab a coffee or something tasty to eat.