Get Down to Business in London


London has led the way for business and economics in Britain for hundreds of years and the city is home to some of the biggest and most influential companies in the world. Thousands of business people, traders and representatives head to the UK’s capital every day to take part in meetings and presentations.


The bustling business districts throughout London are home to an array of amazing office buildings and venues where those looking to get some work done and strike a deal can host their meetings. If you’re a representative and you’re planning to host a business event then here’s a list of some great venues that will make sure your guests are comfortable and your needs are catered for.

Jackson and Rye

The relaxed atmosphere at this elegant venue creates a perfect spot to escape the busy streets and hectic London crowds. The leather-clad interior will ensure you give a good impression to your guests by allowing them to relax in comfort. If you’re meeting with a few clients then the booths at Jackson and Rye are perfect for discussing business privately and comfortably. If you want to get an early start to the day and get straight down to business then this place is ideal for a brunch meeting. The friendly staff will treat your associates well and the luxury setting is sure to impress any potential business partners.

Park Grand Hotel

If you’re heading to the city to meet a potential investor or client, then one of our 4-star hotels in London can provide a quiet and luxurious setting for you to discuss business. Discuss potential opportunities at your Park Grand accommodation as you enjoy amazing food cooked by professional chefs in our high-end restaurants. Impress your guest with the amazing selection of fine drinks as you sit in luxury surrounded by beautiful architecture and stunning design. Our friendly staff will be on hand catering to all of your needs, so you can get down to business without worrying about anything else.

Stamford Bridge

Executive Boxes

If you or the people you plan on meeting with are sports fans then there’s no better place to host a meeting than inside a luxurious executive box at one of London’s famous stadiums. Watch the blues play at Stamford Bridge or watch Arsenal face off at the iconic Emirates Stadium. If you really want to make a great impression then treat your business associates and yourself to an afternoon of sports action. This is a great way for you to loosen up and get to know each other before getting down to business. There’s no reason that business meetings can’t be fun, so go ahead and book your next one at an executive box.

The Boardroom

Get straight to the matter at hand in this made-for-purpose meeting room at The Clubhouse on St James’s Square. If you’re just looking for a quiet, professional setting where you can meet with a group of other professionals to discuss business, then The Boardroom is an ideal spot. The well-known business address offers a variety of rooms differing in size and each with all the key amenities such as meeting tables, display boards and monitors.