Get Back to Nature at these City Spots


Among the skyscrapers of London, nature can seem far away but there are plenty of beautiful spots to head to when you feel the need to escape from the urban landscape. Park Grand Kensington Hotel, London, puts you right in the centre of the capital and is the perfect place to explore some of the city’s lesser known gems.

These seven nature spots in the city should certainly be on your list of places to consider when you next visit London.

Regent’s Park

  1. Regent’s Park – Covering a huge 395 acres, Regent’s Park gives you a chance to get back to nature in no uncertain terms. While it’s home to London Zoo, sporting facility The Hub, and other attractions, you can find nature here too. Wildlife, particularly birdlife, has thrived in this park. Head off the beaten track and you might spot foxes, hedgehogs, or squirrels.
  2. WWT London Wetland Centre – This urban oasis is perfect for getting away from it all. The reserve is just 10 minutes from Hammersmith but you’ll feel like you’ve been transported miles away as you walk around the lakes and ponds. This nature spot truly brings the traditional British countryside right into the capital.
  3. Epping Forest – As London’s largest open space, Epping Forest is the perfect place to head when you want to unwind. The ancient forest and sunlit glades will make the hustle and bustle of the city seem far off. It’s an area designated for conservation so you can wander between the trees completely at peace.
  4. Victoria Park – Opening in 1845, this open space in East London gives you a chance get away from the crowds. Containing ponds, canals, and plenty of trees, you can explore all day here. During the summer months, it plays host to lots of events and concerts too.
  5. RSPB Rainham Marshes Nature Reserve – Noted for being one of the best places in the UK to spot wildlife, the charity run Rainham Marshes Nature Reserve is in West London right along the River Thames. In the summer, you can expect to see plenty of birds here, you might even spot a bird of prey. Other wildlife here include water voles, dragonflies, and grass snakes.
  6. Greenwich Park – Greenwich Park might be more likely to be associated with the National Observatory but it’s a listed site for nature conservation too. Since the deer park became enclosed the red and fallow deer herds have grown. There are paths to follow leading you to viewpoints to take in the herds, other wildlife, and views.
  7. Virginia Water – Situated on the boundary of London, Virginia Water might be more difficult to get to but it’s well worth it. The open space has become a popular destination to head to relax and enjoy the stunning vistas, as well as exploring the ancient monuments and waterfalls here too

Victoria Park

If you can’t wait to get back to nature when visiting London, staying at the London Hyde Park hotel means you can hop on the Tube and head to your chosen secluded destination.