Feltham Shopping Centre!


A lot of people who visit London come here for sight-seeing, monuments, adventure but also many come for fashion and shopping. There are lots of markets which are famous for clothes shopping, both old and new fashionable clothes.The shopping hub of West London is Feltham Shopping Centre, which is located along the High Street frontage in Feltham. Feltham lies in London Borough of Hounslow, it is a suburban town situated at the edge of West London. It is only a few miles away from Heathrow Airport and there are lots of good and budget hotels nearby. You can get Heathrow hotel offers in some hotels.

The Shopping Centre has Asda hypermarket, cafes, small restaurants, fashion chains and lots of small stores. You can get everything here from clothes to bags to shoes, eat, roam and can get electronic devices also. It has 635 parking spaces, and you can get here by bus and rail and on all seven days. It covers over one million square feet. If you are visiting here, you can choose from a number of hotels to stay.

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