Exquisite churches in London to be explored


The picturesque beauty of the dream city of London is something one must look forward to unveil once in his lifetime. If you have historic inclination then you must look forward to catch the glimpse of the spectacular architecture, monuments, churches which form the backdrop of the city’s exquisiteness. If a London holiday is something which you have always wanted to experience then make sure to opt for a decent holiday package which lets you enjoy the most of your vacation quite conveniently.

During your trip to London, you can easily look forward to make the most of it by visiting the sightseeing attractions, churches, relaxing in one of London’s best spas, visiting the shopping streets, enjoying the comforts of a hotel. London is famous for a whole lot of splendid things out of which the impeccable sight attractions and the churches have always stood the test of time. Britain’s cultural aspects are recorded in the array of churches which are equally popular as the natural attractions are.

The presence of Christianity at every corner of the city makes the world capital even more captivating among the millions of travelers visiting London on a yearly basis. London churches are always very special and they are also an integral part of the city’s heritage. London without the presence of churches in it is not worth visiting. Many people make it a point to put exploring churches in their ‘to-do’ list while vacationing in London. It gives them a certain pleasure which is worth spending the time for. The churches in London represent an architectural delight  which captivates a number of tourists coming over from different parts of the world on the quest of finding something which is very much attractive and bears historical heritage too. The splendid walls of the churches located in and around the city are said to be confining a unique piece of historical significance making everything in the church starting from walls, domes to pillars as interesting as possible.

The most popular architectural buildings of London mainly comprise of the world renowned churches, chapels and cathedrals. These architectural masterpieces have witnessed the creation of British history for more than hundred years. Various churches in the cit of London had stood the test of time and have got restricted in order to retain their previous glory. Otherwise most of them still stand tall and have been depicting a pristine gleam of magnificence which is as stunning as it could be. Some of the most popular churches situated in the city which have been serving to the travel needs of millions of travelers as famous travel attractions are as follows:

Saint Paul’s Cathedral Church:

This impressive church of London is considered to be dominating the skyline of the city since centuries. It is undoubtedly one of the most amazingly beautiful churches located in the equally traditional city of London which also accounts for being a must visit travel spot among the flock of tourists. This impeccable church was built in 604 A.D. Having been rebuilt for five times, the most celebrated architect Christopher Wren had designed this beautiful dome which till today remains the largest dome the city had seen. It is also accounts for being one of the largest domes in the whole wide world. During your visit to the enriching capital, make sure to go out on a Church tour where you will definitely feel delighted to across to St. Paul’s which is best known for its architectural magnificence.

Westminster Abbey

If you have got religious inclination then visiting the Westminster Abbey would be of profound interest for you. This is definitely going to be the second most happening churches on your list or even better if you think of starting your Church tour with this one first. This gothic church is almost seven hundred years old and is popular for being a historical monument which has witnessed the coronation of English monarchs from 1066 to this date. This church also serves as the great burial ground where the great warriors, kings, statesmen, artists have been buried.

Abbey also functions as a great travel site where one will get to find some interesting chapels and architectural structures which you must look at. You will also observe an array of amazing artistic creations over here in the Abbey including sculptures, fascinating paintings and stained glass.

The acoustics are used in great way in the London churches and this is what makes it all more alluring.

Holy Trinity

Located in the Sloane Street, the Holy Trinity is the church you must look forward to visiting especially when you are in look out for something unique and different. The interiors of the church redefine the element of splendor and the primary attractions over here which one must explore are the magnificent Pre-Raphaelite art and ranges of stained glass.

St. Bride’s Church

It is located on Fleet Street and is a renowned architectural example of the British world. One can catch its glimpse from the opposite side of the River Thames. The unique layered spire is something which is very easy to spot even from a great distance. This layered wire is said to be the inspiration behind the idea of tiered wedding cake which is a traditional part of every Christian marriage ceremonies.

In order to explore all of these churches, you need to make sure that you have been put up at a hotel which lets you travel to all of these churches quite conveniently. Hotels near Paddington Londoncould be an ideal place to stay at for the travelers who are architectural buff and look forward to cover as many exquisite churches during their holiday as possible.

Some of the churches located near Paddington are

  • St. Thomas More Catholic Church
  • St. James’ Catholic Church
  • Our Lady of the Holy Souls R.C. Church
  • St. Mary’s Catholic Church
  • Churches & Other Places of Worship
  • Our Lady of Mount Carmel & St. Joseph RC Church
  • St. Mary Magdalen Church and many more.