Exploring Chessington World of Adventures


If you want to get your blood racing during a trip to London then you can’t do much better than visiting Chessington World of Adventures. The theme park has long been considered one of the UK’s best adrenaline-pumping experiences, but it’s a mistake to think that it has nothing more to offer than just thrill-inducing roller coasters. Chessington is a well-rounded day out for all the family and everyone will want to participate.

Below, you will find a comprehensive analysis of every kind of enjoyment you can expect to indulge in at this fantastic theme park. Why wait any longer? Book your tickets to Chessington World of Adventures today and give everyone in the family something to look forward to.

Wild encounters at Chessington Zoo

With more than 1,000 exotic animals, it’s no wonder Chessington Zoo is so popular. The residents range from tiny insects, fundamental to the makeup of the natural world, to great striding primates that command the treetops. Lions, tigers and bears (oh my!) are among the most awe-inspiring beasties on display, while playful water dwellers such as the penguins and sea lions provide for some light relief.

Popular exhibits include Creepy Caves where you’ll come face to face with a variety of reptiles, snakes and creepy crawlies – pythons, tarantulas, and other fascinating lizards, frogs and caterpillars – that are sure to give you goosebumps. It’s worth embarking on the Trail of the Kings as well, which allows visitors to get up close and personal with Western Lowland Gorillas, Asiatic Lions, Carpathian Lynx, Sumatran Tigers, Binturongs and more.

Visitors are also advised to check the zoo’s daily programme of events as shows and displays are often featured that demonstrate the true extent of certain creatures’ capabilities. Even parents who think their children might be a bit too young to fully enjoy the zoo can be reassured that there are plenty of opportunities to interact with beasties, selected especially for audiences under the age of five. Head along to the dedicated Children’s Zoo for more information.

Chessington Zoo has plenty of facilities for families of all ages – visitors are never far from a bathroom or a restaurant. Signs clearly point to the nearest facilities, including baby changing and disabled access toilets.

Chessington Sea Life Centre

Continuing on the animal theme, the Chessington Sea Life Centre is chock full of fun exhibitions on a marine theme, with interactive rock pools, feeding sessions and daily talks that offer to lift the lid on whether life really is better under the sea.

Upon entering the Centre, you’ll be greeted with the first room dedicated to the creatures that you can find around the coastline, with big draws being urchins, anemones and crabs. Seahorses, manta rays and starfish are also worth watching out for. Proceed through to the Reef Room, where you’ll find an extraordinary variety of corals, some of which even glow in the dark. Explore creatures strange enough to have names like the upside down jellyfish, regal tang and the slipper lobster.

The final two rooms – Azteca and Amazonia – of the Chessington Sea Life Centre feature some of the most majestic specimens to be found beneath the waves. We’re talking bonnet-head sharks, lionfish, starry pufferfish, cardinal tetra, ram cichlid and more. All are used to the people staring through the windows into their watery homes and some even engage a little with the spectators.

Once again, it’s worth checking the programme for special events as the Centre often arranges for displays featuring the animals. Also well worth watching out for is the 3D Dome Experience, which allows you to feel as though you’re actually standing inside one of the tanks, surrounded by all of this incredible sealife. A memorable day out indeed.

Live Shows and Events

We’ve already touched on the daily shows at Chessington Zoo and Chessington Sea Life Centre. They’re well worth checking out for those keen to get something extra out of the day. Any given visit might include a gorilla talk and feed session where you might find out more about these incredible beasts, an exotic animals showing that includes meerkats, coati, binturongs and macaws, or a fascinating talk on otters. Reindeer Meet and Greet sessions are always popular, especially around the winter season, while carnivore talk-and-feed experiences allow you to develop close personal relationships with Asiatic lions and Sumatran tigers. Marvellous stuff.

But these daily events are just scratching the surface. Children will love the extravaganza that is Madagascar Live, a performance based on the highly popular films that feature Alex the lion, Gloria the hippo and, of course, the penguins. Fabulous costumes and all-action singing and dancing help to bring the performance to life.

We haven’t even started on the seasonal fun that the park gets up to every year. Halloween, Christmas, Easter – every holiday imaginable is marked with a full-on celebration that might see you dancing with skeletons or getting a present from Santa Claus. These festivities are always great fun for all ages and make it all the worthwhile to plan your trip to Chessington in advance.

Finally, keep an eye out for special one-off events that open throughout the year. Temporary mazes, an Ice Age-themed celebration and a Mystic East Carnival are some of the treats that have previously featured at the park. It would be a shame to miss out because you haven’t been paying enough attention.

Chessington Theme Park

Now, of course, we come to the big attraction. Chessington Theme Park is where the adrenaline-pumping rides come into play, with plenty of attractions designed to send you hurtling through the air at breakneck speed. There’s a lot to love about the adventure park, which claims to be one of Britain’s wildest days out.

We’ll start with the roller coasters first. Dragon’s Fury is an intense spinning track ride that sees participants flying high into the air along its 540-metre track. Rattlesnake is a similar affair with less spinning and more focus on drops, with a number of hair-raising moments that will leave you wondering if you’re about to be decapitated by a low-hanging beam. Also worth seeking out is the Scorpion Express, a new addition that opened just last year and features firebreathing mechanical scorpions. Quite frankly, who needs more than that to get them on a roller coaster? The last of the roller coasters worth mentioning is Vampire, which takes you on a thrilling ride over the trees, with riders suspended in mid-air.