Explore London on a budget

River Thames

London is indeed one of the most expensive cities in the world, which does make the city quite a challenge to visit with a tight budget. Visiting some of the popular attractions like the Tower of London, The London Eye and Westminster Abbey will cost a fair bit, which you may think will make it difficult to see and experience plenty of other things that London has on offer.

The good news is the city does not have to sap your budget entirely!

Some of the top public museums, art galleries and parks are free to visit and as enjoyable as other of the paid attractions. If you plan your itinerary well and combine many of the free with some of the paid attractions, London is not financially as daunting a place to visit as thought.

As accommodation expenses can take up a considerable chunk of one’s budget finding special deals and promotional offers at any of the London hotels is a good idea. For those travelling in the tourist off-season, there are some cool discounts available at the Park Grand London Paddington hotel in the centre of the city.

Guests can also enjoy a classic Afternoon Tea Paddington experience at the hotel. If you want to squeeze the most of your trip to the city without having to spend over budget, some of the top museums and art galleries should be on your itinerary. While they do not charge an admission fee, when there is a temporary exhibition or display a fee might apply to visit the special event area.

Some of the best free attractions to explore on your tour of London include:

British Museum

british museum

If a visitor only has time to visit a single museum in the city, making a choice should not be hard when there is the iconic British Museum. Its collection offers a fascinating insight into culture and history of the human species from prehistoric to contemporary times. With a collection of over 8 million objects and relics and just a fraction of them on display at any one time, this is the finest museum to visit in London.

Museum of London

Visitors get to learn about the captivating history of London starting from ancient Roman times when the city was a Roman settlement and known as Londinium. The story is masterfully recreated through the use of interactive displays right through to contemporary times. A wonderful way to learn about the history of one of the greatest cities that has shaped world history through the ages.

National Gallery

National Museum

Art lovers will enjoy a tour of the National Gallery that has an impressive collection of more than 2,000 West European painting beginning from the Mediaeval Era right until the 20 century.

National Maritime Museum

National Maritime Museum

Britain has had a glorious seafaring history that made it the dominant superpower in the entire 19th & early part of the 20th century. Visitors get to learn about the rich maritime history of colonial Britain at the National Maritime Museum located in Greenwich. It has a wonderful collection of interactive exhibits that make it an informative and interesting experience.