Events make the life better


We all love entertainment. Events make our life meaningful. London is a city that is full of many events and you can enjoy the same while you are on your tour.

London is a city of activities, joy and events. The way city is very well known for hospitality, it is also very well known for events. Many events take place throughout the year which becomes the center of attraction. If you are on your London tour then you can surely be a part of these events and make your tour really memorable. You can see the events calendar and then plan your London tour accordingly. There are many events and you can select the one that is the most suitable for you.

The city of London is well known for beauty, tourism, fun and events. There are many events that take place in the year and many people come to the city to witness the event. In January the event calendar starts from the New Year magnificent parade and if you love boating then you can contribute to the London boat show this month. In February the franchise show takes place at the Excel exhibition Centre. The March month starts with the ideal home show which is best for the home makers and the month ends with the head of the river race which can be a great enjoyable event. London Marathon is an exciting event that takes place in April and anyone can take part in the same. The boat race follows in the same month and those who love boating can start with rowing their boats. The reading lovers are going to enjoy now as the London book fair is coming your way in the same month. Now you can buy books of your choice. You can check out for the latest variety of the books and then buy the book of your choice.

Attention flower lovers, you are going to get a golden chance. In the month of May, you can be a part of the Chelsea flower show. In this show you can get to see different types of flowers and enjoy a lot. In this month you can also enjoy other important events such as trooping the color, Festival of architecture and city of London festival. June month is a lucky one for the bikers. The world naked bike ride is here along with other interesting events like pride London and motorexpo. Then comes the July month. This month comes with a lot of excitement like the Hampton Court Flower Show which is very well known worldwide. The august month is a busy month full of events such as the proms and Notting hill carnival. London open house will take place in the month of September followed by London freewheel. If you love films then something is on store just for you. London film festivalis coming in October for all the film lovers. London mayors show and Million masks March will take place is the month of November. Before you plan our tour you can see the events calendar and then go ahead. For more information about all the events you can go through the annual events in London

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