Enjoy the activities at Serpentine Lake


One of the most popular attractions in London’s picturesque Hyde Park, the Serpentine Lake could provide the perfect opportunity for visitors to the bustling capital to relax and unwind during their stay.

This 40-acre man-made body of water provides a wealth of attractions for guests to enjoy, with plenty to do for those with a taste for the great outdoors – or for anyone who simply enjoys kicking back with a coffee and watching the world go by at the lake’s many shoreside cafes.

Commissioned by Queen Caroline, wife to George II, the Serpentine Lake dates back to 1730 and provided a centrepiece for The Great Exhibition of 1851. In more recent years, the lake has become a true fixture on the map of outstanding outdoor attractions in the capital.

Boating and the Solarshuttle

One of the most enjoyable pastimes for individuals planning a visit to the Serpentine Lake is invariably the opportunity to take to the waters.

Visitors can hire their very own boat for up six persons and enjoy an afternoon on the calm and tranquil lake. Operating daily between the hours of 10am until sundown – around 4pm in the winter and 10pm at the height of summer – guests can be sure of a beautiful boating experience when visiting the park.

Meanwhile, anyone looking for a unique nautical experience during their stay in the capital would be remiss to ignore the one-off attraction that is the Solarshuttle.

A solar-powered vessel capable of transporting up to 40 passengers at a time, the Solarshuttle travels silently with just the sound of the lapping waves for guests to enjoy. It provides crossings from one side of the lake to the other throughout April until the end of October.

Guests are reminded that dogs are not permitted on any of the vessels and children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

The Serpentine Swimming Club

Regular visitors to the Serpentine Lake will also be treated to the sight of races in the lake’s bracing waters, with the Serpentine Swimming Club holding regular Saturday morning meets and events throughout the year.

The traditional Peter Pan Christmas Day Race has been held by the club every year since 1864, while a rectangular swimming area – known as Lansbury’s Lido – has been open to the public since the 1930s.

Individuals wishing to take part in the races must sign up beforehand with the Serpentine Swimming Club, but anyone wishing to simply head along and show their support are more than welcome to do so.