Enjoy an evening of Indeedy Musical Bingo


Bingo lovers planning a trip to the capital might be worried they will be unable to get their fix, but rest assured that the team at Indeedy Musical Bingo have this covered.

Launched in 2007 and operating at venues across the capital, Indeedy Musical Bingo presents an opportunity for guests to enjoy a different type of evening’s entertainment than they might expect.

Rather than calling out numbers and contestants marking off the numerals on their bingo cards as the game progresses, with Indeedy Musical Bingo, the players enjoy a fantastic evening of music – crossing off the names of songs on their cards as they hear them.

There are a host of venues across the capital that put on Indeedy Musical Bingo nights, including Shoreditch House, Drink Shop & Do, Soho House New York, Lucky Voice, The Hospital Club, Latitude, Secret Garden Party and Wilderness festivals.

Started by husband and wife team Jess Indeedy and DJ Charles ‘Helix’ Brockbank, the events have really captured the imagination of London revellers in recent years and are now regularly packed out.

Tickets to the shows can be booked either in advance or partygoers looking for some last-minute fun can simply pay on the door.

An array of themed tunes will be played for bingo lovers during the evening, ranging from Dance to Motown, love songs, number ones, musicals, soul classics and rock, all spanning the last six decades – there really will be music to suit everyone’s taste on a night out.

Great prizes are also on offer for those who manage to complete their musical bingo cards, ranging from sandwich toasters to inflatable bananas, to rounds of cocktails and bottles of champagne.

All of the present venues where events take place also serve food and drink to help satisfy the thirst and hunger of partygoers, while tee-totallers can also enjoy a great evening, with plenty of music and games to keep everyone happy and entertained.

People who don’t know a lot about music can also be guaranteed a great time when they head along, with a fantastic welcoming atmosphere and an eclectic mix of musical styles and genres that mean even someone who has lived under a rock for 20 years will probably be able to name at least some of the tunes!