Discover Little Venice in London


London is one of the most amazing cities in the world and more so because of the presence of some amazing travel sites beautifying the city’s exquisiteness. You will be feeling amazingly special during your vacation in this European city amidst such royal grandeur. The most famous city in the world which has been globally recognized for having some amazing activities to take part in as well as places to visit. You cannot have a single moment of boredom in here while exploring the entire city as the England capital is just the place you are looking forward to spend some leisure moments in. A number of visitors look forward to plan a visit in this capital with a common intention of relishing some of the most amazing travel attractions. London is a unique travel destination which tends to surprise its visitors with every time they plan a trip over here. With your every visit to the international capital, you are going to fall for this European land in particular. It has got something in store for each ad every tourist who makes it a point in fulfilling their yearning desires to go out on a trip to none other than the city of enriching royalty. If this is your first time or the eleventh time in this capital, make sure to get swayed away while checking out the following list of travel attractions which the city takes pride in accommodating.

Those who are gearing up for their first visit to this city can be assured of having the best time in life. This land has it all to make you feel home even when you are staying miles away from your own home. London is the place to travel to due to many reasons. It is unique, enriching, elegant and has beautiful surroundings for making you feel special.

(a)   London has the best of historic attractions one have ever seen in any other country

(b)   This budget friendly city offers some amazing hotel accommodation facilities which are meant to make the vacation of the various average travelers comfortable to the core.

(c)    There are plenty of free places to visit in this city which is simply superb as there are plenty of tourists who travel with strict budget constraints still desire to make the most of it.

(d)   London is great in the hospitality sector and every guest in the city gets proper treatment. One does not have to worry about locating the right hotel and other things as the internet is flooded with people sharing their experiences of staying in the capital which can be of great assistance to the first timers.

Places which you must think of visiting are

(a)   Big Ben

(b)   Buckingham Palace

(c)    The London Eye

(d)   National Portrait Gallery

(e)   British Museum

(f)     Piccadilly Circus

(g)   Tower Bridge

(h)   River  Thames

(i)     Westminster Abbey

(j)     Windsor Castle

(k)    Tower of London

(l)     The Houses of Parliament

(m) Shakespeare’s Globe Theater

(n)   St. Paul’s Cathedral

(o)   Kensington Palace

(p)   Hyde Park

(q)   Notting Hill

(r)    Trafalgar Square

(s)    Leicester Square and many more.

Well, all of the aforementioned places are very common and most of them generally top the list of ‘to-be-seen’ chart of many tourists. To utter surprise, there is a plethora of places which the travelers mostly visit to check out. Among them is Little Venice. Who on earth could even imagine the presence of something called ‘Little Venice’ right in the heart of the city of London. Venice is known for its famous Gondola ride. How about experiencing the same thrill of riding a boat and enjoying the magnificent charm of capturing the famous locations quite ecstatically in none other than the city of London?

Little Venice if it excites you then you can simply look for hotel accommodation in none other than Paddington. Also considered to be the transportation hub of the capital, Paddington is famous for its efficiency in accommodating the major transport links in order to make the conveyors feel comfortable as well as convenient while making a trip to the city. Paddington is the perfect place to stay at especially when you are looking for accommodation facilities linking you straight with the rest of the city. Staying in somewhere near Paddington also works wonders in making your journey as convenient as possible. This way, you will not have to take the hurdle of crossing distances for reaching your desired location. Since Paddington is desirably located in central London that is why, sightseeing gets much easier than desired as most of the aforementioned travel attractions are located close to each other in central London. You can easily opt for one of the hotels near Paddington station from where it will easier for you to take the Heathrow Express which directly takes you to the Airport within fifteen minutes. Staying in hotels near Paddington station is a good decision as then you will not have to worry about missing your flights or something. In fact, you will feel delighted to be living in the heart of London and could visit the mostly visited city attractions quite conveniently.

As for the boating ride, Little Venice is desirably situated to the north of Paddington. You will get to have a good tie at the picturesque pool where you can enjoy the site where the Grand Union and Regent’s Canal meet while spending your leisure time at one of the waterside cafes, eateries or pubs. You can enjoy a one way ride to Camden from Little Venice. The fascinating history of the canal will enthrall your mind and you would love your moments spent over here. You can start your day one by visiting most of the Paddington attractions before shifting your focus to the other travel points. After Little Venice, you can make a plan to visit London Zoo, then Camden followed by London Canal Museum. You can be sure of having a gala time over here on London where all your desires will get beautifully fulfilled.