Discover all London has to Offer on a Budget

London in Night

Taking a trip to London can be a rather expensive undertaking, however, there are lots of ways of discovering the city on a limited budget.

Search out the best hotel deal


Accommodation can often be one of the most expensive parts of any trip, however, there are lots of ways to reduce the cost of staying in the capital.

Consider what time of year you plan to visit because if you opt for an out of season break, then prices will be lower as there is less demand for rooms during off-peak periods – making it cheaper to add a night or two to your stay.

If you are set to have a city break in London, then do not opt for the weekend as staying mid-week usually reduces accommodation costs.

Anyone set to enjoy a long stay in London should consider negotiating a discount if your stay at the hotel is going to be for a while.

Park Grand London Hotels can offer a great location in return for a very reasonable price considering you would be based in a prime area of the capital.

Make travel more affordable

The cost of getting to London could swallow a large part of a budget, so it is important to make sure you shop around for the best travel deals. Booking as far as possible in advance or leaving it to the last minute is usually the best way to secure the biggest discount on tickets. Also do some research into loyalty passes or travelcards as this can significantly reduce costs.

When in London remember to make use of the Oyster Card, as this caps the amount you will spend on travel across the city in a day – meaning, you are free to explore without worrying too much about the cost.

Discover London’s free attractions

Another great benefit of London is that not all its leading attractions cost money to visit. Head to the Science Museum, Victoria & Albert Museum or the Natural History Museum – these are just some of the large venues that cost nothing to get into. However, be aware some do hold exhibitions that have entry fees, but in most cases, you can see vast parts of their collections without spending a penny. It is easy to spend a whole day exploring – perfect on a rainy day.

If you prefer art, then London benefits from being home to many of the world’s leading galleries. While some do charge for entry, many of the larger national galleries have free entry to most of their displays.

The Tate Modern is the most popular art gallery in Europe and is home to a great collection of art that dates to the start of the 19th century. Visitors can find the gallery on the site of the former Bankside Power Station. The development even makes use of the power station’s old turbine hall to display large-scale art installations and serve as a meeting place for groups.

For a more classic experience, then the National Portrait Gallery is ideal. The gallery is home to pictures of famous people from all walks of life including politicians, scientists, painters and poets. There are some unique works on display such as the only portrait of Shakespeare that was painted during his lifetime.

The National Portrait Gallery is located in St Martin’s Place and the nearest underground stations are Charing Cross, Leicester Square and Embankment.

If you are visiting the National Portrait Gallery, then it is worth combining it with a visit to the National Gallery which celebrates more classical art and displays pieces dating to the 13th century.

While, one of the newer galleries in London is the Saatchi Gallery, which aims to celebrate the work of up-and-coming artists, without charging entry.

Since opening, the gallery has become an important attraction for art fans visiting London and is visited by more than one million people each year.

The gallery is open seven days a week and is based in the 70,000 sq ft Duke of York HQ building on King’s Road, Chelsea, which is three to four minutes’ walk from Sloane Square Underground (District and Circle lines) and ten to 12 minutes’ walk from Victoria (Victoria, District & Circle lines).

Head outside

If the weather is nice then for those on a limited budget, there is plenty to see and do outdoors. Just taking a walk will reveal some of the world’s most amazing buildings or a stroll along the River Thames is a great way to find out more about the capital’s history and culture.

London also has some lovely parks, where there is plenty to see and do without spending a penny. For example, Hyde Park is home to the famous Serpentine Lake, the Serpentine Gallery and the Diana, Princess of Wales fountain. For those with young children, there is also an amazing park with a wooden pirate ship to explore – with no entry fee.