Cut Loose After Work in Soho


Millions of tourists flood to London every year to see the city’s historic landmarks, breathtaking attractions and retail districts. As well as being the tourist capital of the UK and a place for visitors to experience British culture, it’s also a bustling place of work and commerce that employs millions of people and hosts commuters from around the globe. It’s very easy to get caught up in the daily grind of London but you can’t skip out on all the fun that places like Soho have to offer. The vibrant West End district is full of lively venues that are perfect for cutting loose after a busy day at work or a stressful business meeting. Check out some of these top things you can do around Soho if you need to relax after a long day.


Catch a show

Soho is based in right at the heart of London’s West End, which means it’s at the centre of the city’s famous theatre district. The shows and production at the venues in the West End are world famous and bring in millions of tourists and theatre lovers every year. If you’ve had a long day listening to someone talk about business deals and capital gains all day then take your mind out of the office and escape into a world of laughter and entertainment. With hundreds of smash-hit shows being staged every night you’re sure to find something to your taste.

Have a dance

The famous Soho nightlife is known for attracting some of the biggest celebrities and most famous faces, and if it’s good enough for the world’s biggest stars then it’s the perfect place for you to pull off your tie or let your hair down. The vibrant clubs and lively dance halls in Soho offer those looking for a night off a place to dance, listen to music and have a well-deserved drink. If you’re visiting the city on business and you’re entertaining clients then head over to Soho from your London Hyde Park Hotel suite to unwind, have a laugh and experience the cultural vibrancy of London.

Watch a comedy

It can be very boring and tedious spending the day in an office listening to the same talk and reading through the same documents for hours, so what better way to mix things up than checking out one of London’s amazing comedy clubs? From famous jokers to fresh new comedians, London is a bustling hub of comedy and laughter. There are a number of comedic venues not far from the Park Grand Paddington Court London, which means you’ll never be too far from the laughter. If you want to cheer yourself up after a long day or you just want to forget about the stress of work and enjoy a night out with your friends then head to one of the comedy clubs around Soho for a night you’ll be talking about at work for weeks.

Listen to music

The music scene in Soho is one of the lively and most diverse in the country and whether you’re into classic rock or Hip Hop you’ll find something to get your head bobbing. Some of the best upcoming bands and performers can be found entertaining crowds in pubs and venues all over Soho, giving you the chance to relax and listen to what could be one of the next biggest stars. Stroll through the busy Soho streets an you’re sure to come across somewhere with amazing live music.