Contemporary London


While London is famous for its historical attractions and ancient landmarks, it’s also been a hub of technological, artistic and social advancement for centuries. London has still managed to stay true to its historical roots while embracing the 21st century with open arms. The incredible structures around the city are perfect examples of how technological advancements have transformed London into a modern urban metropolis. From creative housing solutions to futuristic skyscrapers, Britain’s capital is full of breathtakingly beautiful contemporary design. Here are some of the biggest and best modern-day buildings and contemporary structures for you to find during your trip.

Gherkin building


The iconic shape of the Gherkin building is now part of the city’s skyline and has become a must-see attraction for visitors and tourists. The huge bodacious structure stands out against the straight lines of many other big buildings in London. It has received multiple architectural awards including the Stirling Prize and the London Region Award. An unbelievable feat of design and construction that brought this unique building together. What’s even harder to believe is the fact that, despite the curved shape of the Gherkin, it actually only uses one piece of curved glass, which is for the top dome.

The Shard

Well it wouldn’t have been right to leave out London’s latest edition to the city skyline. The Shard is now the tallest building in Britain and has become a major attraction for visitors. The iconic pointy shape and use of glass is what lead to the name, Shard. At 1,016ft high this amazing structure was designed in 2000 by architect Renzo Piano and is a perfect example of the city’s move into the 21st century. Visitors can now take a trip to the top levels of The Shard for a chance to see the best view in the city. Take a short Tube ride from the Park Grand London Kensington and you’ll be looking out in no time.

The Shard

Gresham Street offices

It’s not easy to find space in London if you’re an architect or developer, so when you finally do it’s important to make the most of it. That’s exactly what the designers of this beautifully modern office building did. Offices aren’t exactly something you would normally put on your list of things to see but this building is a work of architectural genius. The building was built snuggly in between two others with a design intended to maximise light intake. The office goes deeper than street level and so the designers cleverly used windows and glazed cladding to reflect natural light all the way through the building.

Moor House

Glass seems to be the material of choice for a lot of building designers and architects these days and there aren’t many buildings that use it better than Moor House. This curved masterpiece has become a popular attraction since its doors opened in 2005. Here at the Park Grand Hotel we love the amazing structures throughout London and this is one of a favourites. Take a stroll down London Wall Street in the evening and see this huge glass beacon light up the night.