Check out Open House London 2015


Open House London is one of the capital’s biggest and most high-profile annual events for architecture and design.

Now in its 23rd year, the festival of design will take place on September 19th and 20th and will be a city-wide celebration of the best buildings, neighbourhoods and open spaces across London.

Founded in 1992, the intention of the festival was to open up the capital’s vast array of architecturally-inspiring and impressive buildings to members of the public that would normally not have access to these spaces.

It was a resounding success and every year since the celebration of London’s architectural heritage and future has only gone from strength to strength.

This year, Open House London will be exploring how perceptions of the city have changed over the last two decades, with the aim of drawing attention to the significant value that public spaces can hold for communities and for visitors to those areas alike.

A core belief of the project’s organisers remains the fact that places can only truly be valued when they are experienced first-hand, meaning individuals cannot truly form an opinion of a place or how its design and aesthetic impacts them unless they are engaged with it – something that photographs or illustrations simply cannot provide.

As a result, Open House London is all about people getting involved with the space around them, learning to appreciate the nuances of their individual design and feeling how the choices made in their creation impact their interaction with a space.

Anyone can put forward a project they think is worthy of being showcased in the annual festival, with a deadline for registration of April 13th.

An accompanying guide to Open House London 2015 will be published in the summer, so all those who wish to see their entry featured in this year’s festivities should now be gearing up to send in their submissions, if they haven’t already.

Meanwhile, individuals wishing to take part in the festivities can also volunteer – either by giving up half a day to act as guides to the programme’s many entries or by offering their skills in other areas, such as helping to organise events or providing assistance to putting together this year’s publication.

Every year, Open House London recruits between 600 and 700 people to act as stewards and guides for visitors, meaning there are plenty of opportunities for those keen to take part. Overall, a poll of last year’s volunteers revealed 98 per cent would love to take part again in the future, while 99 per cent would recommend the experience to a friend.

An internationally renowned showcase for the best design and architectural feats that the capital has to offer, more than 850 buildings were involved in 2014 and more half a  million people took the time to explore these grand and interesting spaces during last year’s festivities.

The concept of Open House London has been so successful to date that it has now spread to almost 20 cities around the world, with similar events taking place annually in such major cities as Barcelona, Melbourne, Buenos Aires, Chicago, Rome, Athens, Thessaloniki and more besides.

Anyone planning a visit to London this September might therefore like to take the time to explore some of the many architectural and design wonders that the city has to offer, with the annual festival a true treat for the senses.

The capital’s rich architectural landscape is just waiting to be explored, so what are you waiting for? Book your tickets to Open House London 2015 today.