Buckingham Palace tour


Buckingham Palace is famous like Mickey Mouse. Everyone from a small child to the oldest adult knows this building and gets excited when visiting it.

To view it from the outside is a marvel but when inside you will be entranced by the offerings of the sumptuous interiors.

The London residence of the Queen it is one of only a few working royal palaces left in the world.

The 19 state rooms at the palace are used by the royal family to entertain guests and for ceremonial and official visits to the country.

During August and September the Queen makes her annual visit to Scotland allowing the palace to open its doors to the public.

A momentous time for the royal family as their popularity grows at the moment it will undoubtedly be a busy summer ahead at this attraction.

With the historically important birth of a new baby, Prince George, it is worth remembering this year marks the 60th anniversary of the Queen’s coronation.

To mark the anniversary of the event a major exhibition for Buckingham Palace’s summer opening will bring together a remarkable collection of dress, uniform and robes worn by the principal royal party during the ceremony.

Works of art as well as objects used on the day will be on show to recreate the atmosphere of that mesmerising event.

Visitors will be spellbound by the state rooms, used for banquets and speeches, all beautifully furnished with treasures from the Royal Collection including paintings by Rembrandt and characteristic furniture from England and France.

Buckingham Palace’s garden has more than 350 species of wild flowers with striking views over the lake. The nearest tube stations to the palace are Victoria, Green Park and Hyde Park Corner.

An experience that can never be forgotten is entering the home of a monarch who has seen but also created a great slice of history.