Buckingham Palace – One of the Most Famous Landmarks in Europe


Your visit to London is incomplete if you don’t visit the regal residence, Buckingham Palace. It is owned by the Queen and today also it is served as the royal residence for the Queen and the family. It was first bought by George III for his wife Queen Charlotte in 1761. It was reconstructed by George IV in 1820 and it was transformed into a Palace in 1826.

Buckingham Palace

It has 775 rooms, 52 Royal and guest bedrooms, 19 State rooms, 92 offices, 188 staff bedrooms and 78 bathrooms. It has some rooms based on Chinese themes. Ballroom is the largest room in the Palace; it is 36.6 m long and 18 m wide. You don’t have to be rich to visit Buckingham Palace; there are many special tours to visit the place around. A lot of roads take you to the Palace and there are lots of tube stations near the Palace and you can visit the places around it easily. There are some nice London Hyde Park hotels to stay near the Palace.

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