Big Business in London City


As the centre of business and economics in the UK, London City has been the home of many businesses and corporate titans from around the globe. From banks to mobile network providers, the bustling business districts are where you’ll find all kinds of big brand offices. As you hop off the Tube station in London City you’ll be surrounded by huge buildings sporting the emblems of some of the most recognised brands and logos in the world. The business sector in London is responsible for bringing billions of pounds into the city every year and is a great place to visit even if you don’t work there. If you want to learn more about London’s big business then read through our guide to the city’s largest and most famous companies.



This financial titan has grown to become one of the biggest and most important banking institutions in the world, with over 7000 branches and offices in over 80 countries. Since opening its doors in 1865, it has expanded across the globe and now employs over a quarter of a million people. The headquarters of HSBC is located in the major business district of Canary Wharf, in east London. The iconic glass tower with curved edges can be seen soaring above the skyline with its famous logo serving as a beacon to the surrounding borough. If you’re flying into the city then be sure to take a trip from our London Heathrow Hotel to snap a picture of the HSBC building.


You may recognise the GSK logo from products you’ve bought from the supermarket or have sitting in your bathroom cupboard. This huge pharmaceutical company has become a household brand, selling products to companies, people and healthcare institutions all over the world. The company has experienced some turbulence in recent years after accusations that they were paying doctors to promote their products, but has since been trying to clean up its image. The GSK brand partnered with the London 2012 Olympics by providing laboratory services for official testing during the event.


Anyone in Britain that has ever used a landline phone or the internet will be very familiar with this telecoms giant. Even when you visit our Park Grand Hotel London you’ll be using BT lines when you connect to our free Wi-Fi. It may come as a surprise to learn that the once publicly owned company now operates in over 170 countries worldwide, offering services that trump most of its competitors. With nearly 100,000 employees worldwide, BT has grown to become a market leader along with its subsidiary Openreach, with generates billions of pounds of profit very year. Take a stroll down Newgate Street in London City to check out the surprisingly modest BT headquarters.


The chances are that if you searched through your house it would take you less than a minute to find a Unilever product. The giant corporation is a huge player across a number of industries and holds a large portfolio of more than 400 brands around the world. What started out as a merger in 1930 between a Dutch butter maker and a British soap producer has grown to become one of the biggest companies in the world. Unilever owns Dove, Lynx, Knorr and Lipton amongst others.