Best Spots for Celebrity Spotting in London


    Hollywood might have its ‘maps to the stars’ and Walk of Fame, but London has plenty of secret celebrity hideouts, too. After all, London is an arts and entertainment paradise!

    And, with such a long history and a roster of legendary entertainment venues, it’s no surprise that these city spots put you in a good place to spot some of the city’s biggest names. 

    Leicester Square

    Head down to Leicester Square on a Thursday night and you’ll probably walk right into the red carpet.

    Leicester Square, London, England

    Outside of the Leicester Square Empire Cinema, Odeon Luxe and VUE, you’ll often spot big names promoting their new films. With some of the biggest blockbusters in the world premiering right in the heart of the West End and not far from some of the best hotels in London, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better celebrity spotting sight closer to your accommodation. Better still, this is a great area to enjoy a delicious Indian afternoon tea with sandwiches, samosas and Indian sweets. 

    Soho House

    London Soho Candelabra

    This members-only bar is frequented by media and celebrities and gives visitors a chance to relax in one of the most beautiful, intimate settings in the city…so long as you know someone to grant you access!

    Shoreditch House

    Shoreditch House

    Like Soho House, Shoreditch House is well-known for having many famous visitors and offers a rooftop bar, private live music events and a whole host of finely crafted cocktails and wines. A little more spacious than Soho House, this bar is another members-only club with more of a music-orientated clientele, in part due to the musical slant of the nearby Shoreditch area.

    While Shoreditch House (and Soho House) do have accommodations, they are members-only clubs which means you likely won’t find yourself staying there. But, don’t worry! There are plenty of other hotel options in London, including hotels with book now pay later schemes.


    Mahiki is one of the best known West London Clubs, in part because of its stylish Polynesian decor and famous clientele.

    With world class DJ’s playing most nights, Mahiki has several different themed rooms and a strict, smart dress code. Located in Mayfair – just a short walk or tube trip from our very own Park Grand Paddington Court – you’ll find no better spot for celebs and a guaranteed great night out.

    Groucho Club

    The Groucho Club is well- known as a member-only bar with many celebrities spending their night’s out there.

    The likes of Noel Gallagher, Lily Allen and Harry Styles have all been known to attend, the Groucho Club is – needless to say – incredibly exclusive. To become a member, you have to be recommended by more than one separate member in the club. You can, however, attend as a guest of an existing member (lucky you!) or pay the membership fee.

    The Understudy Pub and Green Room

    A less difficult-to-enter place to try out for celebrity sightings is the National Theatre, specifically two spots located inside and nearby.

    Depending on the actors performing (or the friends of actors performing) you might very well come across some famous celebrities capping off their evening with a nice drink in either the Green Room (crew and staff only) behind the National Theatre or in the more lively Understudy Bar based on the bustling South Bank.