London is a well-known hot bed for innovation. From Tech city in Shoreditch to the sound systems you hear in the street, London knows its gadgets and hi fi entertainment. With IMAX cinemas projecting some of the best visuals in the world and music venues blasting your ears with crisp, clear and live audio, it’s no wonder that you’d want to get a tad techy during your stay in the city. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the best places to find new gadgets in the centre of the city. Whether you’re staying at the Chillworth London Paddington and looking for a new phone for yourself or a sci fi souvenir for the kids, you’ll be surprised at the amount London has to offer you, at great value prices as well.

John Lewis

John Lewis’s flagship store is in Oxford Circus and is one of the most popular department stores in the city. Opened in 1864 and rebuilt after substantial bombing during the London Blitz, the department store has had over 150 years to expand its departments into the expansive collection it has today. One of its most popular departments is its electrical goods, available both online and in store. Here you can find top of the range computers, sound systems and speakers, entertainment and games console units as well as computer games and DVD’s. This has made John Lewis one of the go-to stores for Christmas and gift shopping, it made even easier due to the use of the collection service, where you order online, often at discount prices, and pick up from the in-store collection point when the product arrives.


Harrods is the largest department store in the UK, covering 1.1 million square feet in its 330 departments. It’d be mad if none of these departments covered electronics and gadgets, and whether you’re looking for a new toy for the kids or a high-end computer system, there’s plenty to explore in Harrods. With plenty of friendly staff available to help you make the best choice possible, Harrods is the department store to meet not only your tech needs, but any other you can think of.

Apple Store Covent Garden

 Based just outside of Covent Garden Market, this extensive Apple store sells everything from Macs to iPads, making it one of the busiest tech stores in the city. With “Geniuses” available to answer any questions for you, you can order online to pick up or stop by to make a quick and easy purchase. What’s more, even the most recent of products in the Apple store are available to try out, linked to social media and search engine platforms, making it even easier to see how their products work. Where better to shop for your tech needs than this game changing and iconic store?


One of the largest toy shops in the world, Hamleys is popular not just for its extensive selection of toys, but for the sheer atmosphere of the store. Hamleys is perfect for not only its range, but for the whirring and whizzing gadgetry which you can play with in store.