The capital city of London has a very long, unique and interesting architectural history. This is because the city has evolved and developed over a extensive period of time, centuries in fact, and therefore a range of different eras and styles are represented all over the city. In any one day, you can easily see Victorian, Georgian and Art Deco buildings, often nudging up against each other.

One of the most impressive architectural styles seen throughout London is Georgian, which refers to buildings built between 1714 and 1830. It is characterised generally by a lot of symmetry; windows and room sizes were more often than not determined using maths to ensure that there was an equal balance of space. For example, one main Georgian architectural preference was to build long rows of houses with identical frontage and with a lot of regularity among the row. This style of structure can still be seen heavily throughout the city to this day.

If you are staying at the Park Grand Paddington Court London – one of the top 4 star hotels in London – you’ll easily be able to spot a lot of Georgian architecture when out and about. Here are some of what we think are the best places to check out beautiful Georgian architecture in London:

Bedford Square

Bedford Square

Bedford Square is located close to Tottenham Court Road and was built in around 1780. The rows of Georgian houses here have been very well preserved over time and they are in a similar state of repair now as to when they were first originally built all those years ago. This means that the Georgian style is obviously clear to the viewer. All of the house fronts here are extremely similar and the windows are a standard uniform size, both of which were popular design developments back in the Georgian era.

Old Royal Naval College Chapel

The Old Royal Naval College Chapel was completed in the year of 1789 and this building showcases the way that Georgian architecture was used to build places of worship. The chapel is located in the area of Greenwich, but public transport links from Park Grand Paddington Court London make it an easy place to visit.

Old Royal Naval College Chapel

Elder Street

Elder Street, near to Old Spitalfields Market, is one of the lesser known examples of Georgian architecture in London. The terraced houses offer an insight into the standard way in which houses were built during this time. A short walk down the road will highlight many of the key characteristics of Georgian architecture; symmetry, balance and regularity. Houses on both side of the street are all the same and the long terraces all match each other in design and look.

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