Saatchi Gallery

London’s long spanning history of great artists is a reputation which is known worldwide. From J W Turner to Damien Hirst, London’s artists have gained international acclaim. This is part of the reason why so many galleries have anchored themselves around the city, with several world-renowned art schools and institutions fuelling a new generation of creatives to make their mark in the UK capital. Wherever you’re staying in the city, it’s unavoidable that you will pass a gallery, studio or museum somewhere in the city and this is especially true of the West London area. As one of the most affluent parts of the city, West London, especially central West London, has attracted galleries and studio owners, in part because of the clientele and potential customers waiting in line to buy work from the ultra-talented, often hard-up artists nestled in the city.

If you’re staying at the Park Grand London Kensington and are looking to peruse or even purchase some art, then check out these galleries, all a short walk from the boutique hotel.

Kensington Galleries

This collaborative and unique gallery is a West London staple, promoting progressive thought through the agency of art, literature and law. The galleries range from multimedia, theory and more traditional art, using unconventional spaces to explore a wide range of concepts. This is definitely a gallery worth visiting if you’re looking for creativity which really thinks outside the box, especially through its resident artist and curator Charles Gore.

Gallery 286

This unique gallery was created by a couple inside their renovated Victorian townhouse in West London. The gallery itself is known for displaying 8 to 10 exhibitions a year, plus a few private viewings per exhibition, making it a perfect place for up and coming artists to showcase their work. Located at 286 Earls Court Road, the gallery is well known for its vivid displays by international artists and its award-winning garden displays.

Serpentine Gallery

Based in Hyde Park, this two-gallery art hub is one of the most popular for some of the best-known modern artists in the world. From Grayson Perry to Ai Weiwei, many famous modern artists have showcased their work there, its beautiful Hyde Park setting adding even more allure to the high-profile gallery.

Gagliardi Gallery

With a shifting plethora of modern art pieces on display, this vivid West London gallery opened in 1978, giving it 40 years’ worth of reputation building showcases. The Gagliardi gallery was created by Robert Gagliardi and gives international artists a unique chance to have their works seen by corporate and personal buyers, giving many artists a way to make a living from their work.

Saatchi Gallery

Well known advertising executive and art connoisseur Charles Saatchi opened the Saatchi Gallery in 1985 to display his own private collection to the public. Since then, the gallery has launched the careers of many modern artists, as well as showing many of the most controversial pieces of art in the modern world. The exhibits often focus on British and American art, whilst also bringing some of minimalistic and conceptual themes to its exhibitions.