An Executive Traveller’s Favourite Hotel Amenities


Moving out from your home to a different city mostly involves staying in a hotel and as such you miss out on the comforts of your home. If you are an executive traveller, you would also look forward to certain amenities that you normally use in your office such as the facilities in a business centre. Executive hotels ensure that all such amenities are offered to the executive guests. However, there are many other amenities that these hotels provide so that the guests feel at home.

An absolutely essential amenity for an executive traveller staying in executive suites is the availability of broadband internet access with Wi-Fi so that he can stay connected all the time and at all paces in the hotel including his room. Along with the business centre, an executive traveller also needs secretarial services so that he can do a part of his business activities from the comfort of the hotel and he does not have to move out of the executive hotel for minor needs such as a photocopy or fax machine. A business executive would also like the hotel to provide suitable meeting rooms so that he can hold business meetings and conferences.

Many hotels have now started offering basic amenities that we often tend to forget at home such as a tooth brush, toothpaste, a razor, deodorant or any other basic cosmetic. Some hotels also offer necessary items like Woolite, lint rollers, combs, and baby shampoo. Executive hotels also loan or sell phone, computer chargers, power adapters, steamers and yoga mats. Most executive travellers staying in executive suites look forward to a bottle of water in their room although some hotels have started offering much more by way of free sodas, juices, potato chips, and candies in the tiny in-room fridges.

Many hotels have started offering surprise items such as a humidifier, baby diapers, baby powder, baby shampoo and sunscreen.

However, most executive travellers expect that the hotel should provide a bottle of water, free internet, free parking and breakfast. Guests also look forward to being able to charge all their electronic devices by having sufficient electric outlets in the room. An inexpensive and innovative amenity that guests would like to have is the ability to text the valet to get your car.

The other amenities that executive travellers would love to have include proper windows and ventilation in the room, tea/coffee making facilities and enough hangers so that they can hang all their clothes properly.