A world of photography at the Atlas Gallery


Address: 49 Dorset Street, Marylebone, London W1U 7NF

Located in the heart of the English capital in an area that is renowned for its cultural diversity, the Atlas Gallery is an excellent example of one of London’s best places to visit to find the very latest in contemporary art and photography.

Fashion photography at the Atlas Gallery

Specialising in classical and modern vintage photography, predominantly from the 20th century, the Atlas Gallery came into its own in the mid-1990s when it hosted several high-profile events and exhibitions that really placed the establishment on the cultural map.

Today, the gallery is a hive of activity all year round and hosts some of the biggest names in global photography for regular exhibitions of their work.

Some of the best photojournalists on the planet regularly showcase their images for guests to enjoy, while the world of fashion is equally well represented on the gallery’s whitewashed walls.

Indeed, the Fashion Show – 60 Years of Fashion Photography was a recent exhibition that really drew the crowds. It highlighted some of the most striking and beautiful images spanning the whole of the fashion industry for the last six decades and highlighted the progression of the medium throughout this vibrant and turbulent period.

Baker Street and the Atlas Gallery

The area around the Atlas Gallery remains one of the most vibrant and popular places to visit in the whole of the English capital, with Baker Street a true hub of fantastic activities to enjoy and sights to explore.

Some of the best things to do at this popular location include eating out at great restaurants like Reubens or the Royal China Club, through to chic shopping options at secondhand specialist Sue Ryder.

The Everyman Baker Street cinema is also a fabulous place to catch the latest movie releases, while other attractions include the world-renowned Sherlock Holmes Museum. There really is something for everyone to enjoy in the local area.

Atlas Gallery exhibitions

Back to the Atlas Gallery, and guests can be sure to find a vast array of excellent exhibitions to enjoy when planning a visit to this popular attraction.

Some of the most recent shows have included Heroes, by Steve Schapiro, which examines the iconography of heroism in its many forms, from the cult of celebrity through to the not-forgotten cultural leaders of the 20th century.

Other exhibitions to have wowed the crowds in recent times have been Chasing Paradise from David Brebin, Light Works’ The Art of the Photogram and Photographs Rendered in Play-Doh.

Each year, the gallery also hosts its annual Summer Show, which presents an opportunity for visitors to soak up some culture and experience some of the most moving and iconic pictures of the last 12 months from across the realms of photojournalism, art and design imagery.

All of the above brought something new and unique to the gallery space and individuals planning a visit to the Atlas Gallery can be assured they will find a wealth of exemplary images and always new insights to enjoy and explore during their time here.

Tube stations near the Atlas Gallery

Individuals keen to travel with the minimum of fuss during their time in the English capital should consider the many benefits of taking the Tube. Indeed, the London Underground is an extensive transport network that connects many parts of the city and is a great way to get from A to B.

Visitors should therefore make the most of this fact when planning journeys and excursions in the area, with several stations situated in close proximity to the Atlas Gallery, including:

    • Baker Street (Bakerloo, Circle, Hammersmith & City, Jubilee and Metropolitan lines)
    • Regent’s Park (Bakerloo line)
    • Great Portland Street (Circle, Hammersmith & City and Metropolitan lines)
    • Warren Street (Northern and Victoria lines)
    • Euston Square (Circle, Hammersmith & City and Metropolitan lines)
    • Goodge Street (Northern line)
    • Oxford Circus (Bakerloo, Central and Victoria lines)
    • Bond Street (Central and Jubilee lines)
    • Marble Arch (Central line)
    • Edware Road Station (Circle, District and Hammersmith & City lines)

Visitors to the area can also make use of overground rail links to this busy part of central London by travelling via the nearby stations of Marylebone and Euston. Travellers can also make use of round-the-clock bus services that connect the area to many parts of the English capital.

Full details of all public transport options to the area can be found by visiting the official website of Transport for London.

Parking near the Atlas Gallery

All those who wish to either hire a car or bring their own into the city when visiting London are also extremely well catered for in terms of places to park in the area surrounding the Atlas Gallery. Options include:

    • Q-Park Marylebone (0.3 miles, five minutes’ travel time on foot)
    • Portman Square Car Park (0.3 miles, seven minutes)
    • NCP Car Park London Welbeck Street (0.5 miles, ten minutes)
    • Euro Car Parks (0.4 miles, ten minutes)
    • Marble Arch Car Park (0.9 miles, 19 minutes)
    • CitiPark Bell Street London (0.8 miles, 17 minutes)
    • Titan Parking (0.8 miles, 16 minutes)
    • NCP Car Park London Grosvenor Hill (0.9 miles, 17 minutes)
    • Q-Park Soho (1.2 miles, 24 minutes)

However, motorists planning journeys in the English capital are reminded that traffic volumes can be high throughout the day, especially during the busy morning and evening rush hours. It is therefore advised for individuals to avoid taking to the roads at these times, while pre-booking parking is also recommended as spaces can be limited.

Other galleries to visit  in the area

For lovers of art and culture planning a visit to this popular part of central London, it is not simply the Atlas Gallery that visitors can enjoy. The area surrounding the Atlas Gallery is a hub of cultural attractions, with some of the city’s best galleries and contemporary art spaces to be found here, including:

    • Hay Hill Gallery (0.1 miles, three minutes’ travel time on foot)
    • A&D Gallery (less than 200 ft, one minute)
    • Cube Gallery (0.2 miles, five minutes)
    • Railings Gallery (0.3 miles, six minutes)
    • Eclectic (0.3 miles, six minutes)
    • Ambika P3 Gallery (0.3 miles, five minutes)
    • Thompson’s Gallery (0.3 miles, six minutes)
    • Gallery Elena Shchukina – Contemporary Art Gallery (0.6 miles, 12 minutes)
    • Lisson Gallery (0.8 miles, 15 minutes)
    • Hanmi Gallery (0.9 miles, 19 minutes)
    • Ronchini Gallery (0.7 miles, 15 minutes)
    • FOLD Gallery (0.8 miles, 16 minutes)
    • Woolff Gallery (one mile, 19 minutes)
    • Belgravia Gallery (0.9 miles, 19 minutes)
    • Halcyon Gallery (0.9 miles, 18 minutes)
    • Timothy Taylor (0.7 miles, 15 minutes)
    • The Photographers’ Gallery (one mile, 21 minutes)
    • The Park Gallery (0.7 miles, 15 minutes)
    • Subway Gallery (0.8 miles, 16 minutes)
    • Mark Jason Gallery (0.8 miles, 16 minutes)
    • The Showroom (one mile, 21 minutes)

Travellers might like to take a relaxed stroll from gallery to gallery during their time in the area, or alternatively they might like to make a beeline for the works of their favourite artist. Whatever you decide, taking in the sights and soaking up the wealth of culture that abounds in this vibrant and interesting area should be high on the agenda for anyone with a passion for London art.