A wealth of attractions at Camden Arts Centre


Individuals planning a trip to London and who are on the lookout for a cultural getaway might like to take the time out of their stay to sample the many delights on offer at Camden Arts Centre.

Open from 10am until 6pm on Tuesdays to Sundays and later until 9pm on Wednesdays, the centre is closed on Mondays but is always free to enter.

Visitors have the chance to sample a wide array of works from world-class contemporary artists, with a changing schedule of exhibitions and pieces on display throughout the year.

Running until mid-June, British artist Simon Martin is holding an exhibition of his work entitled UR Feeling at the centre, which examines the emotional response to the built environment and how the social history of a space affects visitors.

It features a short film and a number of posters, with an immersive soundscape used to draw viewers into the piece. Visitors emerge with a sense of feeling that is unique to their experience, but which has been evoked through the choreography of the performance on screen.

Meanwhile, American artist Jo Baer is also holding an exhibition of her latest group of paintings at the centre until mid-June also, entitled Towards the Land of the Giants.

Based on the artist’s longstanding interests in history and science, the show depicts a range of esoteric and figurative compositions, each designed to elicit a strong sense of convergence between humanity and the natural world.

It takes visitors on a journey through a timeline of Baer’s works, from her earliest figurative pieces that were created in the 1990s through to more contemporary pieces that have been completed since the exhibition was first envisioned by the artist in 2009.

Drawing attention to the changes in style and composition in her choice of works throughout the last 20 years, the series aims to create an active form of examination in the viewer, challenging them to identify shifts in time and focus.

Salvatore Arancio is also holding a residency at the arts centre at present as part of the ongoing 2014/15 Ceramics Fellowship.

The Italian artist has a wide range of interests, from sculpture and collage to animation and photography, but his residency at the Camden Arts Centre has seen him draw inspiration from popular myths, with his works renowned for their ability to create a juxtaposition between the grotesque and the evocative.

His work at the centre has focused on the disquieting realities of life in the pottery factories of years gone by, with examples of pieces created in workshops from France, Italy and England dating as far back as the 1500s.

These are just some of the many beguiling and enthralling events on offer at the centre, with new exhibitions and shows being put on all the time. For a full calendar of upcoming performances, workshops and retrospectives, individuals hoping to find out what is on during their visit to London can do so by visiting the centre’s website.

Finally, in addition to the many fantastic cultural attractions available at the centre, guests are also able to sign up to a wide range of short courses on offer to help them hone their own skills in artistry, with expert guidance from the facility’s staff.

Camden Arts Centre really does offer something for visitors of all tastes, with guests of all ages, skill levels and predilections well catered for.