A Royally Amusing Family Tour


If you are visiting London with your kids or if you are a resident of the city and would like to take a royally amusing family tour to explore those places in central London that would be of interest to your kids, the walking tour would be quite an enjoyable experience. London has a lot of tourist attractions but the places that have been designated on this trip are designed for the enjoyment of kids as well as teenagers. You will find a lot of places along the route where you can relax, eat or play. The starting point is St James’ Palace and the nearest tube station is Green Park. You can end the trip at London Transport Museum, which is very near the Covent Garden tube station.

St James’ Palace

St James’ Palace is older but smaller than Buckingham Palace. It has been home to many British monarchs such as Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth I. It is still the official residence of the monarchs but subsequent queens and kings have lived in Buckingham Palace since 1837.

Clarence House

Clarence House Opens up its ground floor to the public in August. The building is not properly visible from the Mall but two guards can be seen in front of the building before they proceed to Buckingham Palace.

The imposing Buckingham Palace

The imposing Buckingham Palace consisting of 600 rooms is where Queen Elizabeth stays when she is in London. You can know that the Queen is in the palace when you find that the royal standard flag is flying in the breeze. Around 11:30am, the Changing of the Guards ceremony takes place and it is watched by many tourists. This ceremony can also be watched at Horse Guards Parade at the other end of St James’ Park at 11 am.

The family tour

The family tour can then proceed to St James’ Park and Playground which is the oldest royal park in London and offers stunning views, a peaceful lake and a fluttering array of birds. Your kids will enjoy the playground the most. It has a snack bar close by and a few picnic tables.

The Guards Museum

The Guards Museum is next on the list and it offers a fantastic museum gift shop where you can find exhibits and model soldiers. The Admiralty Arch is a structure that separates the Mall from Trafalgar Square. The northernmost Arch has a facsimile nose stuck on it.

Trafalgar Square

Trafalgar Square is one of the most popular tourist attractions of London and kids love to climb on to one of the lion sculptures flanking Nelson’s Column.

St. Martin’s-in-the-Field

St. Martin’s-in-the-Field Crypt is an early 18th century church that offers a full schedule of free concerts at 1pm many days of the week and regular evening concerts. You can then move on to the crypt for having a snack, afternoon tea or even lunch. You can rest here before proceeding to Covent Garden area which has been occupied by traders offering various goods since the middle of the 17th century. Many entertainers perform on the streets in the afternoons.

London Transport Museum

The London Transport Museum is your next stop which has one of the best shops for kids and adults and it provides all the answers regarding how Londoners move about in the city.
The final stop of the tour is Hamley’s Toy Store which is a huge and crowded toy emporium that has countless games, art supplies, dolls, puzzles etc. You need to be very careful about your kids who are likely to get lost in the complex maze of toys.