A musician’s guide to London

Horniman Museum

Anyone looking to experience the magic of music will find themselves in paradise when they venture to the cultural melting pot that is London. The city is known for its famous venues and alternative spots that draw in millions of music lovers every year.

Whether you’re hoping to catch one of your favourite rock stars at one of the city’s big stadiums or browse the local record shops, you’ll find plenty of entertainment near The Piccadilly London West End. We’ve put together this ultimate musician’s guide so you can get your feet tapping and your head bobbing during your stay at the Park Grand Piccadilly.

The O2

Peninsula Square, London

If you’re looking for ultimate entertainment during your time at the Park Grand Piccadilly, there’s no better place than the famous O2. The iconic stadium is known for hosting some of the world’s most famous artists and has been the location of numerous sell-out shows. From rock bands to pop stars, the O2 has hosted all kinds of artists over the years. The atmosphere at the giant venue is like nothing you will experience anywhere else. If you’re planning a trip to London be sure to check out the O2 calendar and browse the upcoming events.

The Spice of Life

Moor Street, London

This vibrant bar in the heart of Soho is known for putting on some of the most exciting nights in London. Throughout the years, Spice of Life has been frequented by famous artists such as Bob Dylan and Jamie Cullum. Whether you’re into classic rock or upbeat folk music, you’re sure to find something to bob your head along to. Every Monday evening the venue hosts open mic nights where anyone can join in the fun and belt out their favourite songs. This is a great opportunity for any budding singers to test out their skills in front of a friendly crowd.

Horniman Museum

Forest Hill, London

Music lovers will not want to miss out on this unique opportunity to browse one of the most underrated museums in London. The Horniman Museum is home to an amazing range of scientific and historic artefacts but also boasts one of the rarest collections of antique and ancient musical instruments. Browse a selection of classical pianos that have been used for centuries in venues and music halls around the world. Discover the origins of music as you discover handmade drums and learn about how they were used by ancient civilisations.

Abbey Road Studios

Abbey Road, London

Follow in the footsteps of the most famous foursome in the history of music and visit the spot where The Beatles recorded their iconic Abbey Road Album. Although the studio itself is a working business and isn’t open to the public, fans of the fab four can still snap a selfie next to the iconic street sign and recreate the album cover as they make their way over the road crossing. Abbey Road is a must-see landmark for music fans in London.