A guide to the Serpentine Swimming Club


Swimming ClubVisitors to Hyde Park in central London can enjoy some fantastic waterside attractions, with the Serpentine Lake offering many chances for travellers to take a dip or simply enjoy the beautiful surroundings during their stay.

The Serpentine Swimming Club is one such famed institution and anyone heading to this bustling attraction will likely want to check it out, with races held weekly for members – a perfect spectacle for those planning a visit.

Founded in 1864 – just one year after the creation of the English Football Association – the club has seen its fair share of sporting achievements over the last 150 years.

The annual Christmas Day race for the Peter Pan Cup can draw its heritage back to the turn of the 20th century and is one race that visitors from around the world still flock to see – it is held early on Christmas morning and open only to those entrants that have qualified in build-up events throughout the preceding year.

Meanwhile, Saturday morning meets take place every week and swimmers are able to head along and enjoy a jaunt in the bracing waters. Moreover, members of the club are permitted by the Royal Parks to swim in the lake every morning before 9.30am.

It’s not just swimmers that can have a great and fun time when visiting the Serpentine though, as spectators are always welcome and can enjoy the many nearby amenities, including a plethora of lake-side cafes.

Covering an impressive 40 acres of Hyde Park, the Serpentine Lake is a stunning attraction that draws millions of visitors every year, but for individuals keen to either take part in or to simply witness the exploits of the Serpentine Swimming Club, the Lansbury Lido is the place to be.

This is a rectangular swimming area cordoned off from the rest of the lake – giving that bit more privacy and protection – and provides the perfect place for nature-loving and sporty travellers alike to congregate and enjoy their time in London.