A Family Day Out in London


London is a really great place to explore when you have children – with many fascinating attractions to experience.  Whether you are just in the capital city for a day, or whether you are planning a short break, the key to a successful London family break is planning and organisation.


There are lots of amazing attractions in London from the classical historical sights of Big Ben and The Tower of London to the modern London Eye.  Add into that the number of city farms, the London Zoo, the London Aquarium and you will see that when it comes to family days out, London really spoils you for choice.  When planning your London break, the best course of action is to pick one or two attractions and dedicate a morning to exploring one and the afternoon exploring the other.  Many tourists miss the true atmosphere of London because they are too busy rushing from one attraction to the next without really savouring the experience.  Children especially will not appreciate being hurried along when they are trying to explore so limit the number of things you try to do in one day.

Fresh Air

Although a bustling city like London doesn’t really call to mind the term ‘fresh air’, there are in fact lots of beautiful places nestled into the city centre which are ideal for children to burn off excess energy.  Kensington Gardens contains the Princess Diana Memorial Garden which features a huge wooden pirate ship, certain to fascinate children of all ages and with the Diana Playground Cafe situated just next to it, parents can also treat themselves to a drink whilst their children play and explore.

Treasure Hunt

If you have older children who need more engaging activities to keep them occupied, then consider an attraction treasure hunt.  This is something you could easily put together yourself and would simply involve asking older children to spot stereotypical elements of London life such as the big red bus or the black taxi cab.  London has so many iconic items that children could be kept occupied for an entire day just trying to spot the items on their list.