Though Paddington is in the heart of the capital city and is surrounded by some of London’s top attractions, there are still many hidden gems for visitors to enjoy in the area. Paddington is home to some great restaurants and a variety of enjoyable things to do that are generally off of the main tourist trail; this helps to make them relaxing, quieter and just a little bit different from the norm. If you are staying at the Hotel Park Grand Paddington and are looking for hidden gems to enjoy, you should consider these five of our favourites:

Paddington Bear Statue and Shop

Paddington Bear was named because in the children’s stories about him, he was found in the London station. It’s not surprising that Paddington Station has a few different ways of remembering the famous duffel coated bear. There is a life-size bronze statue inside the station and a dedicated Paddington Bear gift shop close by, both of which are ideal ways to find out more about one of literature’s most recognisable furry characters. The Park Grand Hotel is within easy walking distance from the station, so neither attraction is too far away.

Little Venice Canal Trip

Little Venice Canal

From the Hotel Park Grand Paddington, it is only a short distance to Little Venice. Little Venice is a quieter area of London. One of the most popular activities in this area – and a great reason to visit – is to take a scenic boat trip along the peaceful canal. Once you’ve enjoyed your boat trip, we also recommend you spend an hour or so exploring the area, see more of Little Venice and experience a unique part of London firsthand.

The Waterside Cafe

The Waterside Cafe is one of London’s only floating cafes and it is a great place for food and drinks, especially in the summer months when a trip to the canal will surely be on the cards. The menu is vast and it has gorgeous views of Regent’s Canal to enjoy while dining or drinking.

Paddington Green Gardens

If you are staying at the Park Grand Hotel and want to escape the busy city for a while, head to Paddington Green Gardens. The gardens offer a quiet place to walk and sit, with views of the lovely St. Mary’s Churchyard.

The Rolling Bridge

Rolling bridge

The Rolling Bridge spans the Grand Union Canal at Paddington Basin. It is a moving bridge that ‘curls’ to allow boats to pass, and then ‘flattens’ to allow pedestrians to cross. The truly unique bridge is the brainchild of British designer, Thomas Heatherwick. It is a unique piece of modern London architecture that is well worth checking out.

During any trip to a new city it is important to see the sights and check out the tourist hotspots, but it’s also great fun to see the other quirky things an area has to offer. Our five suggestions here not only make for some memorable pictures, they also offer an insight into another side of the city.