Whether you have been to Paddington before in the past or this is your very first time staying in the area, you are sure to have heard of Paddington Bear. Paddington Bear is a famous fictional character featured in a number of different children’s books. He is also one of the world’s most recognisable junior literature characters, named after he was found alone at Paddington Train Station by the Brown family.


Children and adults around the world know of Paddington Bear, but it is mainly in Britain that he has become somewhat of a lasting icon. Before you visit London, take a quick look at these five cute facts about Paddington Bear. They’ll help you to learn a little bit more about the famous bear, his story, and how he came to be such a key part of children’s literature.

  1. After an earthquake left him sadly orphaned as a young bear, Paddington Bear was raised in Peru by his Aunt Lucy. When the elderly Aunt Lucy went to live in a home for retired bears, she taught him English and sent him away to England as a stowaway. He eventually arrived at Paddington Station, hence the name, near to the Park Grand Paddington.
  2. Paddington Bear’s absolute favourite food is marmalade and he carries jars of it around with him in his suitcase. In fact, Paddington Bear loves his marmalade so much he always carries an emergency marmalade sandwich in his hat.
  3. Paddington Train Station in London currently has a life size bronze statue of Paddington Bear, as this is where he was originally found by the Brown family after travelling from Peru. The statue draws in a lot of visitors for a selfie with the character and there’s even a Paddington Bear shop nearby for your Paddington souvenir. It’s definitely worth checking out if you’re staying at the Hotel Park Grand Paddington.
  4. Much like the Queen, Paddington Bear has two birthdays. He celebrates on the 25th December and the 25th June. This is because when Paddington Bear arrived to live with the Brown family, he couldn’t remember his birthday. So, they decided they’d celebrate twice.
  5. Author Michael Bond wrote the first of the series of Paddington Bear books in 1958 and the last in 2017. To date, there have been 35 million Paddington Bear books sold around the world. Bond wrote the books from his home not far from the train station that has inspired the name of the duffle coated character.

Paddington is a great part of London to stay in if you are visiting the city; the location is central, there’s impressive public transport links and lots to do in the area during your visit. Whether you’re visiting for business, on a weekend break or as part of a longer trip then consider staying at the Hotel Park Grand Paddington. You are guaranteed luxurious accommodation at an affordable price.